‘I have asked God to never wake me from my dream’

Well, I must admit, women are very complicated. Sometimes it is hard to quantify or even classify affection. Sometimes when you are very nice, she will wonder what you are covering up

Thursday March 3 2016

Charles and Gladys Kabogoza with their

Charles and Gladys Kabogoza with their children, they got married eight years ago. COURTESY PHOTO 

By Edgar R. Batte

His story:
How would you describe yourself to a stranger?
Well, my humility would help the stranger judge me even before I say a word. I am so down to earth.

What other character traits describe you?
I am a go-getter, I am very daring and I dream so big. I always wake up and live my dream. I am also crazy when I am around good company. I love to laugh a lot.

What is the last conversation you had with your wife?
Funny, I chased her away. I was working yesterday and she did not want to leave my sight. I was distracted and I asked her to go. Okay, that is not romantic.

Well, tell us about your romantic side...
Hmm…I love to be free with my lady. I blush when she makes fun of me. Trust me, I insist. I am just one crazy excuse of a gentleman. I won’t forget the time I took my wife camping at Kaazi.
It was only the two of us in the wilderness. She was nine months pregnant.
To me, that was a proverbial extravaganza of romance.
What did you two do while in the wilderness?
Ha ha ha…parental guidance is advised in this interview but my father did teach me well is all I can say.

Away from the private stuff, how do you show affection to your wife?
Well, I must admit, women are very complicated. Sometimes it is hard to quantify or even classify affection. Sometimes when you are very nice, she will wonder what you are covering up. So, I have learnt to live every moment with my wife like it is the last time I am going to see her. That is why I got so hurt yesterday when I chased her away...oops.

What complications does she have?
No, she is not complicated. I just haven’t learnt her well. I am still trying, and I am sure I am not the only man in this predicament.

When and where did you two meet or hook up?
Wow. I love how I met my wife. It was a Christmas production at St Francis Chapel, Makerere. I was called to do a lead role in the play. A new girl had joined the drama group, and they needed a person to do the role of her husband.
That was the first time I set my eyes on Gladys. I quickly accepted the role. When the production was over, another script had been written in my heart. It is now 10 years. I guess we shall do this script for the rest of our lives.

What was written on that script in your heart?
The opening lines were simple… “I love you”. When she replied that she loved me too. We were married two years later. Today, we live man, wife and three lovely children. I have always asked God never to wake me if this is a dream.

Was it love at first sight?
Yes, it was.

Was it the outer beauty you fell for?
Yes she was and is still very beautiful, but her humility swept me off my feet. I remember escorting Gladys to her hostel one day after practice. I was thirsty, and she served me water from a pot. I was shocked, to see a campus girl who fancied no fridge or flat screen but so proud of who she was. She is that woman today. And my love for her has continued to grow.

As you drank water from her nsuwa (pot), what went through your mind?
I am telling you, I judged her there and then and I was so right. This woman was raised-well, she lives within her means, she is kind hearted and the best choice for a mother to my children. That is what that one glass of water from ensuwa did to me.
What had been your experiences in the previous relationships?
To be honest, I don’t regret any of my former relationships. I have always been true to all the people I related with. I guess I impacted them as much as they impacted me; to be the best I can be when we all meet the people we were destined for.

What lessons have you learnt in relationships?
Relationships are simple if you be what you wish of your partner. But we always keep pointing fingers at our partners forgetting our own imperfections.

What has made your relationship work?
My wife is very patient and she has taught me this virtue. I was never patient. And also, we truly love each other in spite of our imperfections.

What imperfections has she tolerated?
I am very impatient, and I am trying to work on that. When I am working, I usually go beyond normal hours. Sometimes times, I work 18 hours a day, even while at home.

What imperfections have you tolerated from her?
She is very slow.
In what way is she slow?
She takes her time at everything even when it is not necessary

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