Friday November 10 2017

When love ends get a hold of yourself

heartbroken love ends recovery

Many are inconsolable when love ends. COUTERSY PHOTO 

By Christine Nakalungi

Love is beautiful but when it goes bad, you do not want to be the one in the puzzle. I cuddled the pillow in my apartment at the weekend with a bucket of snacks beside me. I had gone through a collection of new movies and picked some that would take me through the cold and rainy night. I put off any channel of communication that could bring me distraction. This was not a time to feel lonely but to enjoy me time.

I was already clad in my pyjamas and wrapped in grandmother’s blanket enjoying my cold pizza, when a persistent knock at my door ended my otherwise dream weekend. I rolled my eyes in pain. She was sobbing and dripping. “I cannot live without him. Christine please you have to plead on my behalf.” She begged me while hugging my warm feet with her cold and wet hands.

She shamelessly wanted me to drive in the rainy and cold night just because her boyfriend had refused to answer her calls. I tried talking her out of this in vain. She won.
We drove to the man’s place. As we branched off from the main road, an old man staggered into the road from nowhere. For a second, I remembered all the stories about night dancers and cannibals. I unconsciously reversed to run away from this nightmare but before I did, my driving skills were put to a test. The behind tyre hit a rocky object and oh boy! I panicked. I did not want to get out of the car, scared of becoming someone’s meal. So I said a simple prayer and tried so hard to recall my driving lessons. I changed all gears and tried everything but in vain.

My co-driver on the other hand was howling like an angry cat. “I am so sorry Gerald. Please forgive me.” My jaw dropped, how could she be thinking about a boyfriend who might even be covered and rolling comfortably in his bed yet we are here stranded?
I sadly went out to check on the car and with my hair soaked and shoes immersed in mud, I managed to get us back on the road but when we arrived at her boyfriend’s door, our knocks were answered by a female voice. When my friend heard this, she rolled on the veranda. I dragged her back to the car, dropped her off at her home and left her to nurse her broken heart as I rushed back to my lonely but warm life.