Thursday May 8 2014

A beer can’t win you a night with me

At the end of every day, I love to just sit at my “bedroom”, my favourite bar as I like to call it. Usually I prefer to sit by myself and read a book before the natural light goes out, as I sip on a warm beer, which many people think makes someone high much faster and tastes like piss. But I would like to make it clear that it feels totally different.

On Day X when a Mr Man finds me in my corner and offers to buy me a drink, I will take it out of politeness (I can see you rolling your eyes).
Well, that is how I see it, although I know that most of the time there is an ulterior motive behind the drink, for example how fast you can convince me to be carried as “take away”, which I find rather rude. So, does a man buying me a drink automatically guarantee him a chance to take me home?
As a hot girl, I would like to be told sweet nothings - there you go again rolling your eyes – but come to think about it, wouldn’t it be easier if we were all winners in this game.

I mean I get to hear all my sweet nothings which I know you don’t mean as you buy me drinks and of course snacks and may be, just may be after three weeks, a month or six months you get to achieve your goal. I know you are thinking why waste all the time and money yet there is that one girl who will go away with you without much hustle, but where is the fun in all that?

I used to think that the hunting game was meant to be fun; lay your trap but if the gazelle tends not to be easy prey, the who process should get interesting, because each time you are forced to come up with new ideas.
But remember, that the gazelle does hunt too. It is true that we women spot the man we want to chase after us first and go on to send our signals, read body language, to get you to come after us but that is now out of the window for some of my sisters. Hello, we are in 21st century, where if you want something, you go out and get it.

This girl will allow you to buy her “drinks”, share a few jokes with you, warm her way to you, then carry you home - and there you go rolling your eyes again, but this time with a cheeky laugh. Well, you can roll your eyes all you want but one thing I know for sure is that your time as hunters has run out because times have changed and tables are turning in all spheres.

Compiled by Cathy Bagaaya