Thursday March 13 2014

A man’s point of view: Ladies, stay away from the miser and these six others

A man’s point of view

A man’s point of view 

By Mike Ssegawa

So after last week, the ladies challenged me to give them a list of guys they should dump right away. Well, I didn’t mind it, and I got scribbling right away. If I was a woman, with the kind of experience I have as a man, maybe it would take me a century to settle down.

As a man, approaching a woman is not a big deal. As a matter of fact, most of the times we approach you for anything, we are simply trying out our luck - and sometimes we are lucky.

However, an average man is experienced enough that he doesn’t mind you turning down his invitation. Afterall, you are not the first to say “no”, so don’t be remorseful when you think he is the wrong person. Never think: “This guy loves me too much and he may commit suicide if I don’t give in.” That’s silly!
These are the kind of men you should keep away from:

1. He thinks he is a ‘god’. He feels omnipotent and always promises that he can do anything for you. He is omniscient, knows everyone in town and everything science more than Einstein. He has the final word on any topic, . He is omnipresent; he leaves you no breathing space, wants to have breakfast, lunch, supper, everything, and accompanies you to the toilet. This man will suffocate you. If you still want to be yourself, reach for the ‘NEXT’ button.

2.The miser. I don’t need to spend much time on this. I know for a fact that every girl wants a man to pamper her. Unless you want to be in a marriage where you buy food, pay rent, pay the children’s school fees, dress them up, furnish the house, and fund your introduction and wedding, don’t worry this man.

The miser will choose date venues that will cost him as little as possible. He will say, let us go watch KCC vs Victoria, where the gate fee is Shs2,000 and football fans eat sugarcane as they watch the matches. If he is not ready to take you for a movie at Cineplex when you are dating, it is likely you will never watch one with him. If he cannot buy you juice at Nando’s now, you may never sip wine together. If he does not remember your birthday today, no need to waste time on this island. Sail on.

3. He is predictable. You can tell the first line he will tell you when you meet. “How was your day, sweetheart?” He has no creativity at all. He calls you at 8pm sharp every Wednesday. You can even guess the T-shirt he will wear on Sunday for a beach do. Where are you taking this man? What a bore! Save yourself.

4. Slippery fellow. You can hardly get him when you want him. His phone is either busy or switched off. You see him flirting with other girls on Facebook, Twitter, or even when you are out on a date. Unless you are rehearsing for your divorce suit or funeral service, don’t put your life on the line for this slippery guy.
5. He says he can’t live without you. Really? This one is a liar. Surely, he was living before he met you. He will also leave after he sleeps with you. Okay, I mean, after he dumps you. The character trait here is of a certified liar. Guys who exaggerate their words or feelings to sweep you off your feet will always find someone to tell the same.

6. Mr Violent. His temper is uncontrollable. Don’t promise yourself that you can change him. You can’t, dear. Notice his temper when he calls you and you don’t pick. How does he react when you talk later? Outbursts and shouting? Is his vocabulary full of: “I will kill…”, “I will beat…”, “I am pissed off….”? Keep away

7. He is full of himself. Call him selfish. This fellow wants the best for only himself, but, almost nothing for you. He wants sex, and you must give it or else…, and he does not care what happens after he is through – oh yeah – you know what I am talking about. Don’t disturb him, he wants to sleep – isn’t it? He wants to go out alone with his friends, while you stay at home. The selfish fellow can be detected easily. Just listen to his lines: “I”, “me”, “my”.

These and the traits I referred to last week for women, also apply to men.