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A taxi or boda boda for my wedding entourage? Oh please!

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By Kiiza Akiiki

Posted  Thursday, December 19  2013 at  02:00

The things I have heard women talk about have made me realise how getting married “legally” is part of every woman’s dream. It is not far from my wedding fantasies; how elegant it will be, the kind and number of cars we will have, the fitting gown, hair style and probably the venue. The fact is that different people have different preferences, so what I see as impossible might be possible for the other party.

I recently had an argument with some colleagues at my work place about a couple who used a taxi to take them to church on their wedding day. Still a few months back, another couple used a Fuso truck from church to the reception; this was because the groom was a truck driver. People found this unique and funny.

For me, this was total madness. Actually, I said I would rather wait or postpone the function until we raise the money to hire bridal cars, rather than use a taxi, wheelbarrow or a truck for that case.

I understand the uniqueness most people look out for, but really, that is going too far. I mean, this is your day and it comes once in a life time; it is not like Christmas that is celebrated annually.

Yes people will pretend to be pleasantly surprised seeing a newly-wed couple pushed on a wheelbarrow or riding a boda boda but later, they will wonder what was wrong with you.
If it is about advertising a job, then fishmongers would also want to ride their brides in their smelly fish boats, for the whole world to know how this woman has accepted to marry this ever “smelling” man.

By the way, I can’t imagine my man suggesting a weird idea, may be because we think the same way. I am sure he wouldn’t want to create bad discussions about him and his bride.
One of my colleagues once said he would do anything as long as his partner agreed to it. He says he would not mind how the public would perceive it, provided they are happy.

Really? I will never accept that; gone are the days when grooms rode their brides on bicycles and it is understandable, cars were rare then and that was the only means of transport.
My uncle walked his wife down the aisle in 2007, they used a Toyota Premio 2007 model. We all admired them but it is not what I want. I have my eyes on a certain kind of Benz.

Even if it is about cutting costs, I do not see myself going for any of the transport means. I want people to have a good discussion about my wedding; simple but elegant.