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After hundreds of entries, these are the winners

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Mpairwe Joseph Humphrey jumped over a wall to escape from her dad. 

By Heart to Heart

Posted  Thursday, February 11   2016 at  02:00

"The craziest thing I did for love was when my girlfriend invited me to visit her at their home. She was the only one at home all her brothers and parents had gone for work leaving at home. So I made my way there! I spent some good time chatting with her for about one hour, only to hear a car horn at the gate! It was her Dad back from work since he felt so tired and sickly and decided to drive back home! I was so scared thinking of a solution and how I was going to deal with this because the Dad was a soldier.
I thought there was no way to escape apart from hiding behind the gate as my girlfriend would open, but then that couldn’t work since he could have sighted me through the car side mirror. Therefore, I looked for a quick plan and guess what! I remembered our high school styles of jumping over the fences to escape to the nearest town! Thus, I told my girlfriend to go and open the gate as I went behind their house and climbed on the fence over the razor wires and I jumped into the neighbour’s compound!
So now I had to look for a Plan B how I can get out of the neighbour’s premises again. So I quickly went to the gate, opened like a boss only to meet a group of people sitting at a shop opposite the gate staring at me seriously as if I was a thief and pretended like I was a visitor and ignored them! I boarded a bodaboda right away in fear of anyone following me.
15 minutes later, I received a message from my Gf like “Hey where are you! Where are you hiding?” I told her I was hiding somewhere safe and she started searching everywhere around their house but in vain! I only kept telling her I am right there until she discovered I was already out then she settled because I would have faces it rough if the Dad had met me. Till now I love her amid all the crazy moments that have happened.”
Mpairwe Joseph Humphrey (Pictured above)

Ramos Bugatti and fiance

“What a day, month, year to remember in my life. You ashamed all who were on my neck, trusted me, believed in me and you stood on my side. I was so grateful when you introduced me to your family. So this Valentine I am gonna surprise you too."

DerekFord Kabzl sold his mother's poultry door to sponsor her girlfriend's study trip

“The year was 2012 and I was in my Senior Six vacation. She was in S4. One evening at 10pm, she beeped me on the matron’s number because that was her usual routine checking on me after the night preps. This time it was different. She needed Shs50,000 from me since they had a study tour trip to Jinja yet her mum wasn’t promising to sponsor her. Remember I was also just in my Form Six vacation who was just home watching TV and eating mum’s food...
But, of course, as a caring boyfriend and a man (hahah) I had to cook my head. Guess what I did? Since Mum was setting up a poultry house, she had two metallic doors to close the poultry house. And since my sweetheart needed money from me an unemployed boyfriend yet I wasn’t ready to let her down, my mind went straight to one of the poultry house doors. Very early in morning when mum left for work, I went straight to the scrap guys and told them about the deal, showed the asset negotiated the price and I was paid Shs60,000 cash for the door which by that time cost Shs140,000. Very proud of myself, I went to a mobile money agent and sent Shs52,000 to the matron’s number and remained with Shs8,000 for up keep as I waited to face my mother.
Upon realizing that her doors were missing, my mother was so mad at me to an extent that that night I slept outside because the condition was, “Don’t enter my house before bringing back my door”. Even worse was that every time anything got lost from home, I was the number one suspect. On my graduation day, she talked about it in her speech. Luckily, I am still with my ‘miss world’ despite of the few misunderstandings that come between us we always solve because that’s what love is all about. She’s a second year student at Kyambogo University
(Kabalega Ibrahim Derrick. Age: 23. Working at an internet cafe (Kyebando Kalerwe) Lives in Kyebando

Pablo Proctor

“We met in Soroti sometime in 2012 when I had gone for a meeting for a certain project. She was a young shy girl and couldn’t handle looking into my eyes, when I first saw her. But I got her number then we started communicating on social media, sending pics and voice audios on WhatsApp. We agreed to join one institution, so we could be seeing each other often. But she didn’t say anything. Surprisingly we met in same lecture room, Oh my God it was amazing meeting again...we didn’t hesitate to hug and it lasted for five minutes until all the people around shouted and clapped for us.

Pablo Proctor

Samali Jadhav Rasaikar

“It’s said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (wink emoticon)
Every Valentine’s Day, I bake him a special cake myself followed by his favourite meal. The happiness on his face is always special and memorable! #JustThe2ofus

Samali Jadhav Rasaikar. Age - 31 yrs
Housewife. Lives at Bugolobi Flats, Kampala. Spouse name & Age: Mandar Rasaikar - 35 yrs.

Semakula Ronald and his girlfriend Grace

“My girlfriend Grace is such a wonderful person in my life.
She has been there for me in hard times;
When I was arrested, she used to come daily to visit me as well as bringing me food,
Grace has been giving me courage which pushes me in each and every thing I am doing,
She has given me support in everything I put a hand to and one thing I can’t forget about her is that two years ago in high school when we had decided to sit together. Unfortunately, the teacher caught us talking and he took us to the staff room and we were given a punishment of digging in the school garden together. She didn’t feel ashamed of me.
I love you so much Grace
(Kyambade Ibrahim, 25, works with Reach communications, the distributor of Hauwei products in Uganda. Lives in Najjanankumbi off Entebbe road)

Ssuuna Ivan and his girlfriend

“For sure I can’t forget the day I first met this girl in a certain mall in Kampala City. I was just bored but on that day when I saw her and talked, I became the happiest person in this world. Up to now, our relationship has lived up to two years. But I can’t forget the day I was very broke without money and she gave me Shs50,000. For sure, this showed me the true love she had towards me and actually she cared for me for two weeks though she was still staying with her parents. I can’t forget that thing you did for me. And I would like to say I love you my sweet babe #barbie.
#Justthe2ofus #933kfm #valetines’dayspecial

Suuna Senior: (Ssuuna ivan, aged 22 yEArs, lives in Makindye)

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