Alex and Olivia Kamira

Alex Kamira, a telecom engineer, and Olivia Nabisinde, a sales executive, met Christine Katende and they talked about their wedding day.

Sunday February 2 2014

 The couple Mr and Mrs Kamira after exchanging vows in  church.

The couple Mr and Mrs Kamira after exchanging vows in church. 

When and how did you meet?
Alex: I used to see Olivia performing in Betty Namaganda’s music videos as a dancer some years back. But the real meeting was at Christ Witness Church in Ntinda.
We started dating in 2011. I remember giving her a tight hug on a Saturday evening after practice. Thereafter, I asked for her mobile phone number and we began communicating.
Olivia: We met in 2009. We used to go to the same Church in Ntinda though I didn’t know Alex that much. One day, he revealed that we had been fellowshipping from the same church since 2005. That is the time I joined the church from my home village in Masaka.

When was the proposal?
Alex: Early 2012. I took her out to dinner at a certain hotel in Ntinda, with an aim of proposing to her but she turned me down, saying she was not ready. It took me close to two months to convince her. I had to take her out of Kampala for another proposal.
Olivia: He proposed in 2011. I introduced him on July 7, 2013, and wedded on December 7 the same year. The proposal was just normal.

What attracted you to each other?
Alex: Olivia is beautiful, God fearing, intelligent, loving and she is smart in whatever she does.
Olivia: Alex is loving, caring, God fearing and has a good voice. Just awesome.

Where was the wedding and why?
Olivia: We went to Kampala Baptist Church. They have a unique way of handling family and married couples. They also take time to follow up couples to see how they are copping after the wedding. I also love their counselling sessions.
Alex: It was convenient and given the fact that most churches were booked, we had to go with that.

What was your theme colour?
Alex: It was yellow and purple. I focused so much on purple because it is a unique colour, it signifies purity and it is good on the eye.
Olivia: It was purple and gold but I enjoyed the yellow because it is a bright colour and given the fact that my maids were not all that light; the yellow looked good on them. They looked bright and beautiful.

Did you hire a wedding planner?
Alex: No. there was no need for one. Our families and friends advised us well on what to do and how to it. What was the most interesting moment?
Alex: The day we exchanged vows but the way Olivia designed her gown; she looked more beautiful than ever before and her maids also looked nice in yellow and gold. Then the number of people that attended the function overwhelmed me, I was so happy to see my family and friends cheering us up.
Olivia: It was the entourage at the reception. Then, guests cheered us on. I guess they were happy for us.
Also, when Alex was giving me the wedding ring during the church service, I felt so nice and more loved.

Where was the reception?
Olivia: It was at Fairway Hotel Gardens, I just liked it.
Alex: Olivia proposed and after taking a survey, I found it okay. It has beautiful scenery and it is located in the city centre.

Any challenges faced during the wedding preparations?
Alex: The finance bit was stressful and then coordinating the committees on both sides was quite cumbersome.
Olivia: I was tense whenever I thought of what I was going to enter into because I was used to living alone and doing things my way. I was a virgin so I kept on thinking of how it would feel and I got headaches a week before the wedding. The other thing was the coordination, making sure that everything was done was not easy.

How much did you use and how did you get the funds?
Alex: I can’t tell. I had some savings and would deposit more money to that effect as time went by. Then, with the help of our friends and family, things went as planned.
However, I made sure that I paid for all the crucial things first and putting emphasis on what I knew would make us happy like the gown, suits, among other things.

What went wrong on your wedding?
Alex: We were late for the church service. We expected to report at midday but delayed because the bridal cars arrived late.
Then we got caught up in traffic jam. But all in all, I comforted myself because I never wanted to get stressed.
Olivia: Our reception was at a hotel where we had budgeted for a specific number of people but realised that the number had exceeded, this meant footing the extra bills.

Did you have debts after the wedding?
Alex: We had a small amount that was settled immediately after the wedding.
Olivia: Yeah, the photography bill but we cleared immediately after the function.

Where did you go for honey moon and was it interesting?
Alex: Somewhere out of Kampala. We spent a week. We became more intimate and also visited places that we had never been to. It was excited by the congratulatory phonecalls from friends.
Olivia: We went to Forest Resort in Kalangala. I enjoyed the forest walks, the swimming lessons Alex gave me plus the visits to the fishing sites.

Given a chance to redo your wedding, what would you do differently?
Alex: The reception venue, make sure that all my guests are all accommodated.
Olivia: I would follow up each and everything to perfection.