Thursday August 21 2014

An eye for an eye? What a lame tactic!

By Kiiza Akiiki

A man was broken-hearted when he caught his wife cheating a few days after their wedding. He was devastated that his newly-wed wife was cheating on him within the first month of their marriage.

Andy could not come to terms with the fact that his wife who had promised to spend the rest of her life with him, cheated on him with her ex-boyfriend. Mr Ex had given them a generous gift on their wedding day. Who knows, maybe she was paying back.

Without waiting for whatever excuse his wife had up her sleeve, Andy went straight to court and filed for a divorce. But before the court proceeding started, Andy decided to console himself in similar measure; sleeping with his in-law. “That was the best revenge I could find. I thought she wouldn’t mind, given the fact that she started it,” he said. Andy was busted by his wife’s other sister Renah.

Shockingly though, this man claims he had no intention of having his wife get to know about his revenge. He was only doing it for “self-satisfaction”. But who does that?

By this time, his wife was on her knees begging her husband to forgive her. And to find a way out of the saga he had gotten himself into, Andy went back to court and reversed his first adultery case.

He switched the case and now wants court to order his sister–in-law to stop poking her nose into his family affairs. While in court, he did not deny sleeping sex with his wife’s cousin. He admitted that it only happened because of what his wife had done. I was not in court, neither was I at Andy’s home. So, why have I brought this up? It is simply because this is something that happens among us; we want to give our partners a dose of their own medicine. It’s unfortunate that it comes off as normal to some people.

Yes, committing adultery has been wit us since the days of our great grandparents. But look at how comic Andy must have looked in court, imagine the embarrassment he faced among the family members and the haunting he may have to deal with in future, for the rest of his life.

Revenge in relationships is such a deadly thing, because you just never know how it may end on the other side. Let no one ever lie to you that Tit for tat can ever be a fair game. Imagine how you sound in court telling the judge that you cheated on your partner because he or she did the same thing.

Respect for your partner is something that should never be diluted. If your partner wronged you and they express remorse, take the time to cool off until you are ready to listen to their reason.

Do not shout or beat, that clearly is an archaic move. No one does things for fun – there is a reason, so instead of rushing to court to kill it, how about praying and finding other ways to salvage it, huh? After all, to err is human and to forgive divine – don’t they say?