And the Lord chose Harriet to be Rashid’s eyes

Visually-impaired man finds love. When Rashid Ssozi, 32, graduated from university, he became an evangelist in one of his home area churches.

Thursday April 10 2014

Rashid with his wife and son.

Rashid with his wife and son. 

His story :
When did you meet Harriet?
In February 2010 in Luzira, a Kampala suburb. I had gone to preach at Life Ministries Church.

What was your first meeting like?
She had asked people in that church about me and they told her that I interprete dreams. She then came to me and shared her dream, and I helped her interprete it.

What made you fall in love with her?
We first became friends and it is from our meeting that I realised she had constructive ideas like how to plan for a family and how to respect a man in marriage. I saw a great future in her.

When and how did you propose to her?
It was in August 2010. Since I had got her contact, I called her after the church service and told her that I had a discussion that I wanted to engage her in. When we met, I poured out my heart and told her that I wanted us to be together.

Were you scared that she would refuse you?
Yes, I was. However, I had courage and strong hopes. I had it in mind that ladies always play hard-to-get, so I knew that she would refuse but would later give me a chance.

How did she react?
She told me to give her some time to think about it. After two months, she finally endorsed my proposal.

Was she the only person you had dated or had there been others?
She was the only person I had dated because I had never met someone who moved me like she did.

What was your wedding like?
It was like any other wedding. It was not so special; normal and simple. We joined hands to see to it that it became a success. What I liked most about it is that it happened within the stipulated time. It was never postponed like other weddings and this gave me pleasure.

What did your friends say about Harriet?
My friends didn’t say much. Most of them know that by the time I decide to do some thing, I must have analysed it critically. They gave me a go-ahead.

What are the things that you like most about Harriet?
She is understanding. She does not love me for money. Besides, she is patient and caring. She is too good indeed and she is my sweetheart.

What things does she do that you don’t like?
She takes things to be easy. She is never serious about certain things.

Do you ever wonder what she looks like?
You see, I am someone who imagines things and they happen. Even before I married her, I prayed to God to show me what Harriet looks like. When I told her what she looks like, she thought people had told me, yet it was not the case. I know that she has a chocolate-skin complexion and is of medium size.

How has your marriage been so far?
It has been okay and interesting because we love each other. One of the best times we have shared is when we had our baby boy. Many people gave us gifts, money, food and many other things. It was a happy moment for both of us. People started respecting us. However, the most challenging thing is that at times I fail to raise money for rent and whenever my wife falls sick, I get scared because there is no money to take her to the hospital. Another thing that gets me worried is that I have no land to settle my family. I am tired of renting. I would have bought land if I had a job but I haven’t got one yet.

Do you ever feel bad that you are not providing for your family?
Yes, because I rarely get money. I only get money from friends. I am scared that this might affect my family.

Do you ever feel the fear of other men stealing her?
No. My wife trusts me so much and I have never thought about it. Besides, my wife respects herself. I have no fear at all.

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