Thursday January 9 2014

Are women so desperate as to marry their grandsons?


By Kiiza Akiiki

I recently watched a news story of a 60-year-old nurse getting married to a 26-year-old man. Wait, was she marrying or getting married to the lad?
That’s how confusing it gets watching women getting married to little boys. By this I mean marrying a man who’s your junior in terms of age.

I know how much women treasure weddings but I don’t see the push that forces one to fall in love with a man who is fit to be your son or grandson.
I wonder, what runs in a man’s head when he decides to date or even marry a woman who cannot bear you children. Are you so desperate for love? Or have you been fooled by so many girls your age? Let’s be realistic, you probably just need her money – right?

Ladies, do you want to say you have failed to get a man of your age or is it that fresh-sweet romance from a young and energetic man that you are looking for? In my opinion, it is a shame for old women to walk down the aisle with babies.
I am 27-years-old, but even before, I would never fall in love with a man below my age; I have always looked at them as babies.
I remember two years ago there was a boy who used to disturb me on net log, a social networking site. He got my mobile number from my profile and called me.

I admit he was such a nice young man, but what put me off was his age. He was three years younger than me.
Funny though, this was no put off for him, all that drove him was my beauty. “Sweetie, I can’t live without you. You’re so beautiful! Ever since I saw your pictures, my life has not been the same. I can imagine how cute our babies will look with a beautiful mother like you,” he once said.

I felt complimented. But how would I stand criticism from the in-laws if I had accepted his proposal? They would have blamed him for his choice. Truth is, it is just not proper.
My Allan is 30, three years older than me, which makes it easier to respect him as my partner and a man in the home.
I can’t lie to the world that I would respect a man much younger than me.

And for the short and tiny men who look so much younger than their age, to hell with them. I mean those almost 30-year-olds who look more like 19-year-old boys.
I don’t care about money and how educated the young man might be, all I care about is how society perceives it.
To all women who are dating your sons and grandsons, please give the boys a chance to find their rightful partners.
Happy New Year!