Thursday February 20 2014

Are you that material girl?

By Rosie

I have a girlfriend who loves to live a good life. And by good I don’t mean lunch out of office, weekends at Lido Beach, nights at BBQ Lounge - No! I am talking about living large - vacations in the Seychelles, nights at high-end nightspots, occasional weekend get-aways and shopping at top shops. I must admit I have been a big beneficiary of some part of her lifestyle and some times, I envy her ...ish ish.

Thing is, however, my dear girlfriend doesn’t service her own lifestyle. Yes, she does have a job, but her job only affords to pay her peanuts - there is no way she can afford a weekend at the RainForest Lodge. That would mean sacrificing her whole month’s salary, which I know for sure, is directed to her mum’s account. My friend’s a gold-digger [for lack of a kinder word] and maybe I say it with ease because she accepts it and knows who she is.

Her lifestyle is financed by men; old, young, ugly, married, illiterate, whatever... as long as you have the potential to show her the money. Although she says she doesn’t necessarily let her cookie out of the jar for all of them, it’s hard to believe. She’s one happy girl, and is no doubt eye candy - many guys fall prey.

My only worry is that she has become too comfortable in this lifestyle that she doesn’t care much about raising her own bar higher. She’s comfortable with her low-paying job because she’s assured of some extra pennies on any rainy day.
Two weeks ago, a university girl was murdered by a man who claimed she detoothed him. It was sad to imagine anyone could lose a life to that. We all love to live a good life, right? But how much of our morals and repute are we willing to sacrifice for material things? Read our main story and see how Fat Boy and Rukh-Shana understand this gold-digging trend. Cheers!