Thursday July 10 2014

Check your list, and tick your friends indeed

By Kiiza Akiiki

I recently watched an interesting movie about friendship. It was so educative that I kept wishing I had watched it with someone, just so they can learn something about the people they are hanging out with. It was unfortunate that even my darling Allan missed out because I realised that some of his friends were actually under the dishonest category.

I know someone’s probably itching to know the title of the movie, but I cannot remember, although I still recall everything. And it is from this movie that I thought we could probably step out and check our platonic relationships, because I know that many of us are unfortunately tied to people who do not mean well for us.

Where’s the party at? These are the kind who will only surface occasionally, like at functions, meaning that if you have no function, you will not see or even hear from them.
The listener: They are so nice, always around and ready to listen. They are willing to advise you whenever you are troubled. These kinds of friends have always spared time for you no matter how much they have to do. They probably know your motivation, goals, and life. They are selfless, compassionate, and caring.

The big mouth: Be careful with these ones, just know that whichever thing you happen to share with them will be known by the whole world the following morning. So, know what you share with such people. They are loose mouthed, and gossips. So they tend to add a little spice in the story or bring in drama.

The proud one: They also know that you are their friend but they are too proud to move with you to certain places because they believe they are of a class above you and you cannot fit in the same boat.

One-call away: These ones are too hard to see. They are always busy, they will never get time to sit and discuss something crucial. If you cannot discuss your problems or developments on phone, then try someone else. You see them like once a year.

Trouble time: They never bring happiness to your life, and yet you always have to pay for the losses. They love you so much that they can’t go away and in the same way, you will never get courage to unfriend them.

The company: They hang out with you, give you their company and share fun. They help to kill the boredom. These ones are normally work friends. Most times you won’t call them when you need a financial bailout or are pregnant.

I got-your-back: These ones are like your sibling. They know a whole lot about you, but they never tell. Your significant other knows them and even if they are of the opposite sex, they will feel safe. They love you unconditionally, that outsiders keep wondering the kind of relationship the two of you share.

The magnet: They are attached to you because they have a hidden agenda. They are broke from January to January and they see you as their bailout any day. On a mission: They are not far from the magnet. They are with you because of your status, career or because of your connections. They think hanging around you will take them to another level, and as soon as they get it, they disappear. They are users.

The absentee: These ones will never be around when you need them. If they are not busy, they are upcountry or somewhere far even if they are around. The useless one: They are so close that they never want to leave your side. However, they are not so helpful, sometimes because they have no means or just don’t have the sense to be a friend in need.