Thursday May 1 2014

Dating : Dating young girls is work

By Eugene Mugisha

I don’t date young girls, those less than three years younger than me. It doesn’t matter how ‘mature’, ‘wise’ or exposed they are. Thing is, I have become convinced that number is an integral part of a successful relationship. Of course, there are the older girls whose character is the exact opposite of their age, but that is a different issue. What I am talking about is a case of extreme childishness.

The age limit was my principle, but these days have been a little tough, so I found myself beginning to date a child. No, it is not my fault that I am in this situation - it is my ex-girlfriend’s fault. If she hadn’t thrown me out, I would still be a happily dating man. But she obviously thought of only her interests, and now I am here, with a very young girl. If she hadn’t been through with university, I would be really doubtful if she is even above 18.
My first concern is her speed. I am used to my girls taking it slow; with the romance, the anticipation of the waiting and the sheer uncertainty. I like it when a girl takes it slow. The thrill of the uncertain outcome is what makes it rewarding. But not for Miss Child. We met, I flirted a little, (I don’t even remember if I was serious), and before I knew it, she was already acting as if we were dating.

I mean, I had expected her to give it some thought; take her time, evaluate my levels, then say yes. Eventually, most of them say yes. So, within a day or two, I had a new girlfriend. The other thing is her intensity. During the first days, it’s alright for a girl to be coy; she doesn’t know anything about me, and she hasn’t yet become bold enough to out her true character.

Let’s be honest, the angels we get attracted to initially are rarely what we get when the dating starts. But in the first few days, all is sweet and rosy. However, my Miss Child didn’t go through that phase. The next time we met, she was telling me some really personal things, personal in every sense. I am all for freedom of expression, but you don’t become an open book in your first week of dating! Within a few weeks, I had met all her friends when I was invited to follow her to every little event. It was like we had been dating for ages. Again, I like meeting new people, and being friends with my girl’s friends, but this is a little too much. For example, at one of the parties, a girl, one of the faceless new people I had met came over and told me my girlfriend wanted to show me something.

For a second, I was lost; I had forgotten that I even had a girlfriend. The disappearance of my ex was still too fresh on my mind. I asked the girl, “my girlfriend?” with an honest, puzzled look. Then it struck me, and off I went to attend to the queen. I don’t know what the other girl thought of my confusion, but heck, I too don’t know what I think of my new status. I mean, we are not even friends yet, but we are already dating.