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Dating : I have two girlfriends and still counting

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By  Eugene Mugisha

Posted  Thursday, December 19  2013 at  02:00

I have two girlfriends and I have realised that I love neither of them. I suppose that means they are not my “girlfriends”, but who cares how I refer to them. They believe I love them, and I act like I love them. I would not feel guilty about adding a third, after all, the two don’t know about each other.

Before you get all judgmental, let me tell you that I am tried. I tried having one girl, tried loving her, but I realised I had no idea how to fall in love, and honestly, it was taking too much effort yet I have heard that falling in love happens naturally, there is no need to put in work, probably not the kind I was putting in anyway.

Girl One is dramatic. She has an artistic temperament. For her, everything has a mystery, drama and a tale to it. Any little thing can set her off, and when she goes off, it is in a major way. She can be quite entertaining too. Once she cut off her hair because I said her hairstyle made her look 80 years old.

Girl Two is not exactly the opposite, but I guess I noticed her because of her meticulousness. She doesn’t do anything until she is sure it is what it is. She would be a scientist, but curiously enough, she is a writer. When we met, Girl One left me with two uneaten meals, and a smile of pure bedazzlement as she stormed off; I mean, how could someone have so much energy? Luckily enough, Girl Two was just walking in, so she did not notice our little mini-movie.

I watched her take time to pick a seat and place her order. Everything about her looked organised. I could not resist this allure, and to cut the story short, we lunched together. Not because I was attracted to her but because she was not Girl One. I wasn’t in love with Girl One, so there was little chance I would love Girl Two, however, different she was.

When I told Girl Two that her hairstyle made her look 80 years old, I was only testing to see her reaction. She gave me an amused look, and redid the hairstyle for the next eight months.
I have thought of ditching both of them and starting afresh in the hope of finding love, but chances are I will only get a different flavour of one of my two girls. So, let me enjoy my current status. At least, they appeal to both of my conflicting personalities.