Thursday January 21 2016

Dating : Strange how girls will just believe anything

By Eugene Mugisha

I had resolved that this year, I would be honest with myself and with girls. No more lies. I believed that lies would no longer be needed since, for some reason, I thought everyone would be a better person than they were last year. Now, thinking about it, I wonder why I ever thought like that! People don’t change, they don’t become better just because its a new year. If anything, they become even worse. Like this girl I started talking to last year. She gave me serious grief with her stubbornness in terms of availability. For some reason, the girl was never available. Every time I asked to see her, she was busy doing something.

So, pushed to a point of zero options, I told her something drastic. I told her I was going away from the country, to live in foreign lands.

Apparently horrified, she asked why I was leaving. I told her I was not happy. And found a way of twisting things so that it looked as if she was part of my unhappiness, her and her unavailability. And so I had applied for jobs abroad and had got one in Egypt. Egypt of all countries! Well, she bought the story, and reluctantly, she agreed to see me.
D-day came, and I called her to confirm things. As we talked, I could feel her starting to hesitate. So I launched into a sad farewell tone, talking about how I would probably never see this place again, blah blah, and viola, she accepted.
It wasn’t a bad date we had. She even called me afterwards, saying she had had a great time, and I swear she was not lying. Fast forward past Christmas season, and I was supposed to have left. I had even called her to tell her I was on my way to the airport, and with a little sadness in her voice, she had bid me farewell.
Truth is, I had only gone to the village for Christmas, and I was back to town. So naturally, I asked to see her again. And predictably, she is surprised that I am around.

Surprised but in a good way, which I thought would work in my favour. But trust these girls to have a weird sense of logic. She defaulted back to her old habits of refusing to see me. Her excuse was that she would be extremely busy ‘for like the foreseeable future’. When I insisted that surely no one could be THAT busy, she reminded me that I had ‘left’, and so logically, I was not supposed to be around asking her out.
This took me back; she was getting cute with me. Realising that being civilised would get me nowhere with this one, I to defaulted to my habits of last year; telling lies.

Thus cooked this one up; I told her I was in fact supposed to have left, but I had been arrested! Yeah, I had been arrested and my passport confiscated so I couldn’t go. And it was all her fault because the time when I was meant to be clearing my travel documents, I was with her, having coffee!

She asked me why on earth I had not cleared my papers first, and I explained that it was because I knew it was the only chance I would ever get to see her. So I had weighed my priorities, and chosen to see her instead of clearing the travel documents.

She went silent.
I counted off the seconds, wondering if she would believe this long tale. Girls are strange, they believe anything, even a long tale as this nonsense I had just fed her. I am only wondering if this is how it is going to always be in this forthcoming relationship of ours built on lies will I always have to tell her a lie first before I can get anything out of her?