Thursday March 27 2014

Dating :And I was innocently dumped

By Eugene Mugisha

In case you are wondering how I got out of my fix the other weekend, the one where I had my ex, my current girl, and my hopefully future girl all in the same restaurant, stop; I didn’t get out of it. It was a mess, the kind that one is supposed to find thrilling. But believe me, there was no thrill for me, besides the adrenaline rush of the unexpected. You know how nature plays tricks on you, luring you into a false sense of security? For a while, I actually believed I might get away with it. I was certain I had escaped this time, and then the roof came crashing down.

Remember, future girl had seen me, but she was busy with her food and juice, and so I pretended to be busy with mine too. She had kept to herself, thankfully. After a while, she stood up. I believed she was leaving, and in my mind I went: “One down, two to go”. Grabbing her juice, and hand bag, she stood up. The reaction was instant: Every man in the restaurant turned to stare at her, and consequently, every girl turned to see what was threatening their security. It was a natural reaction, the girl looks good, way better than the girl I am dating, who isn’t bad-looking either. You can now understand why I am looking to do the upgrade now, don’t you? Good.

So, Future Girl gets her things, but instead of turning towards the exit, she turned and started walking towards me. Again, naturally, every one looked to see where this cute thing was headed. Within 30 seconds, my cover was blown. Everyone in the restaurant, including my three girls, was looking at me. The first to react was my girl, of course, quietly though. She is not dramatic but her temper is like that of a crazed bull. She slowly put down her fork.

I watched her from the corner of my eye. Then, on her face came that look; that look that I know means we have crossed a very dangerous line. But she probably wasn’t sure what was going on, so I was still relatively safe. At this moment, I didn’t really care what my ex girlfriend was thinking or doing; Future Girl had totally put her in the shade. But I should have been concerned about her more. She is the one who started the end for me.

She stood up, and quickly walked over to my table, hugged and pecked me on both cheeks like we were long lost brother and sister. No, actually, like long lost lovers. Meanwhile, Future Girl stood there puzzled, with a rather amused look on her face. After her little act, the ex ranted about how I am such a bad person, pretending like I don’t care about her, blah blah and then waltzed off.

I hoped the little drama would scare Future Girl off, but she instead sat. Current girl joined in, walked over to ex and told her to “keep her filthy hands and mouth to her houseboy”. She walked over to my table, told Future Girl to take a hike, glared at her until she left. Then to me, she said, “never think of my name again”.