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Dating :I chased her for seven years

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By Eugene Mugisha

Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  02:00

A man can get any woman he desires, if he is only willing to do what it takes. No offence ladies, but men usually think too deep when it comes to figuring out what a woman wants. Women’s needs are simple, and in fact, can be reduced to a few, which all revolve around two aspects; time and timing. Those two are not the same thing, dear young love-seeker.

Give a woman time, and you will get her. The question is; how much time? The answer; whatever it takes. With time, just like water will wear away a rock, you will get to her. Well, the timing aspect is self-explanatory. Hint: hit the iron while it’s still hot.
A few years back, there was this girl in my neighborhood who seemed more mature than other people her age. She was every boy’s fantasy - beautiful, rare and unavailable. Ask any man, and he will tell you that this is the most alluring combination in any woman.

I was friends with her big brother, but that did not give me any edge, in fact, it might have made my chances worse. I had this huge crush on her, and she knew about it, thanks to her brother. Our chances of dating were extremely tiny, and it did not help the fact that she was dating some guy who looked as sophisticated as her.

One day, I found myself with her alone. I was nervous, I didn’t know what to do or say to her. She on the other hand, seemed quite comfortable, but in my mind I knew I would never get another chance like this.

“Hello”, I said. She looked at me curiously - I had already greeted her. “I really like you, you are very beautiful”.
She smiled. I had done my part, so I pretended I had to leave, and left. We never discussed it again. She remained that one person I wished I could have but knew I couldn’t. Over three years, she dated two guys but I never gave up. Even my relationships never took off, because I was paying more attention to her. When she broke up with the second guy, it took quite a toll on her. Every cell in my body itched to tell her “babe, why do you waste time with those jokers when the man designed for you is right here, has been right here all these years?”

One afternoon, out of the blue, she talked to me about her love life. I was shocked! I paid attention; there was a message here, and it was up to me to miss it, and possibly miss the girl of my life, or read between the lines, and take the chance. The timing was perfect, she was done with the guy, and was open to dating again. But, I couldn’t just rush in. Two years later, she told me she was ready. In all, it had taken me seven years to get the girl. And she was worth every second.