Thursday March 20 2014

Dating: My girls accidentally meet

By Eugene Mugisha

I found myself in a tricky situation last Saturday. I was in a restaurant with my most recent ex, the girl I was seeing, and a girl I am planning to see. I was not meeting with any of them, I was out for lunch and would later go home.

I know it sounds like a fib, I too couldn’t imagine the odds of something like this happening. But there I was, and there they were. No they were not together - that would have been a clear plot against me. It happened in chronological order.

As much as I was surprised to see my ex, I shouldn’t have been. This used to be our place. They have great chicken, and God, the girl loves chicken! She introduced me to the place, and we used to come here almost every Saturday. When we stopped dating, I no longer saw the point in going there.

The place was not exactly pocket-friendly. She probably never stopped coming here at all. She had not seen me, and better it remained that way. I didn’t have anything against her, but she was a drama queen. She always found a way of making a scene so that the other people would see her, and then the girl I was seeing would think I still had a thing for my ex. No, my ex would stay oblivious to my presence in her chicken place.

As for the girl I am seeing. I do not know how she ended up here. For all I was aware, she didn’t even know the place existed, but clearly this is a small city. I had intentionally never told her about it, because of the possibility of something exactly like this, happening. I was actually shocked to see her just a few tables away from my ex.

I do not know if she was aware of my ex’s presence as yet, but that would certainly change the moment she saw me. She would start connecting non-existent dots in her head, assume I had come to meet my ex, and then WW3 would begin. She likes to pick a fight this one. Any scene involving her and my ex would be chaos, plus, it would definitely ruin any chance I had with the third girl.

And as for the girl I am planning to date, I do not know much about her yet, so I don’t know where she goes and doesn’t go. For all I know, she might even be married. My surprise in seeing her at the restaurant was not because she was there, but because she was there at that particular moment with the other girls. She was all by herself, probably why she saw me. I took advantage of the fact that I was still on probation, and played it cool. She acted cool and gave me a little wave. I waved back.

As much as I wanted to go over and join her, that was not going to happen. I would have to pass by the other two. I pretended I was busy with my food.
I was seated in a corner, and felt safe for a moment. It was extremely effective for hiding, but not good for escaping unnoticed since I had to walk across the terrace to get out.

They would all certainly see me. And from the look of all three of them, none looked like they were in a hurry. But I was in a hurry - personal affairs to take care of. The chicken had been great as always, but I couldn’t help regretting why I had come here this day.