Thursday February 20 2014

Dating :New guy stirs up storm over hottest office girl

By Eugene Modish

The horrible weekend is over. Now we can go back to some semblance of sanity. I know my girl is not going to let me off the hook easily, since I wiggled out on her valentine plans by falling sick.

Although I can’t technically be blamed, I am sure in that pretty head of hers, she harbours some resentment. And she must be wondering, even probably suspicious about my amazing quick recovery.

I couldn’t even sit up on Friday, but by Sunday, I was well enough to go watch a football match at my neighbourhood pub. Of course I was well enough to come to work by Monday. I will make it up to her, like I said, but not now.

Right now what is having me, and the entire office in girl-like gossip is this office couple. This guy is dating, or until this week, was dating this girl at the office. Since I was allegedly ‘sick’ and absent on Friday, I was quickly brought up to speed. This guy was the true Mr Romantic on Valentine’s Day, bringing her flowers and chocolates in the morning, taking her out to a lengthy lunch, from which they returned clearly with renewed love, a hint of the good things that were to come later in the day. This was a drastic contrast to the couple I met on Monday morning.

They haven’t talked to each other all week, the girl is acting as if the guy doesn’t exist. These things happen all the time, in fact no one is really interested in people’s affairs but what has us hooked is this guy. He joined our office about a year ago. The girl had been around for some time. She is an incredibly hot girl, by all standards, and every guy in the office has at some point, thought of hitting on her. But, it soon becomes apparent that she is simply too much work, high maintenance and high standards. She is also a perfectionist, which makes her an excellent employee, but a difficult girl to fool around with.

Which is what most guys are interested in anyway. So, this guy comes out of nowhere, finds this hot girl, and without pausing to catch his breath, asks her out. She agrees, and within months, they are officially dating. Maybe he didn’t notice her character, maybe he didn’t care, maybe that was his kind of girl. Whatever his reason, no one expected it to last this long, and no one expected her to mellow down and surprisingly become dateable.

Then, every guy realised what they had all missed, and a few hated the guy. I wasn’t interested, my girl is quite the catch, and I don’t do office flings. I find them inconvenient, and boring. But not this one. This particular couple was fascinating because the girl and I had issues. Plus, the guy seemed to have turned her into a woman. That is until last weekend, anyway.
Apparently, he had another girl. Office beauty found out after the guy had cooked a seemingly valid and urgent excuse not to spend Friday evening with her.

Feeling sad for him, she had gone to his house to make him a nice home cooked meal when he got back from seeing his “very sick” mother in the village. She even stayed up late, watching movies, waiting for her man. When he got back past 1am, he wasn’t sober, but worse, he wasn’t alone. And the person he was with certainly wasn’t his sick mother. Rumour is that she hasn’t talked to him, or acknowledged his existence since. The girls at the office are furious that he is not even apologetic. But for most of the guys, this guy is the new office hero; He got the hot girl, and demystified her.