Thursday July 31 2014

Dating: Not what I expected

By Eugene Mugisha

When my good friend, Sam told me he wanted to introduce me to a certain girl, I accepted without thinking twice about it. I mean, this was Sam, we had been friends for a long time, and if any person was to know the kind of girls I was into, I would bet on Sam.

So, when he called me on Wednesday morning and told me he had just seen the perfect girl for me, I couldn’t help but believe him. And better still, he was going to introduce me to her, and he was certain we would hit it off immediately.
Not a bad way to start a Wednesday, especially since my supervisor had been causing me grief since the week started.

We agreed to meet that evening, for me to buy him drinks for the service he was rendering me in advance, and more importantly, for him to tell me about this girl.
I mean, it is not every day that someone calls you and tells you they have just spotted the perfect girl for you.

Without waiting to be asked, he started telling me about this girl he once knew, and she had kind of disappeared but then, reappeared just a few days ago. She was the most down to earth, intelligent, witty, hardworking, interesting girl and he believed I would love her on sight.

Note that he didn’t mention anything about her looks. I noticed this omission, I mean, who tells a guy about a girl without mentioning how she looks?
But, I let it slide; I would soon find out anyway. Throughout that evening, he kept bringing her up, and at some point I started getting really curious about this girl. Every time I tried to ask him why he was so certain that we would fit like two peas in a pod, he reassured me that everything would be OK, he had this.

Finally, I asked him when I could meet this amazing girl. And he surprised me by asking me back when I wanted to meet her. Jokingly, I said now would be perfect.
And he got out his phone and made a call. I heard him ask the person he was talking to if, he/she was busy.

Then he said, ‘Perfect!’, and said he would call back in five minutes. Turning to me, he gave me a big grin and said my wish had come true; I was going to meet her. I couldn’t believe it. This was happening too fast. He was my good friend, and maybe had some kin of sway over the girl.
But, good things do take their time to happen. This one was breaking all the rules of good things; it was too fast, and too available. But, I am not a man to question good fortune, so, I said alright, let’s go.

I wasn’t sure which side to lean on more. Sam had this look in his eyes, that same look that a few years ago had made us spend a weekend in a police cell because of mistaken identity issues. I couldn’t help feeling apprehensive.
So, we got into his car, and headed off to Bugolobi. Along the way, I got tired of waiting to see for myself, so finally, I asked him; what does she look like?

And again, he gave me that look and grin, so I shut up and got lost in my thoughts. I wondered if that is how people who do blind dates feel. I of course started creating my own fantasies, but before long we got there.

Sam parked outside some restaurant. We got out, entered, and right there she was; she was nothing like I had imagined.