Thursday May 8 2014

Dating :She kept me waiting for hours

By Eugene Mugisha

I think I am not good at this dating thing anymore. I must have lost all touch with the girls’ inner person. I have no idea what I am even doing right now. A few years ago, I would instinctively know what a girl wanted me to do, and I would go to great lengths to make her happy, even if it meant inconveniencing myself to do so. The issue is about those two things; great lengths and inconveniencing. I go to zero length to make girls happy, and for inconveniencing myself, that is not in my vocabulary. I do not even relate it to girls.

This must have been going on for a while, without me registering it. But what made me realise that I need to change my ways was when I took off and left my new-found girl dressing up for this dinner we were supposed to go to, and I went alone.

It’s not entirely my fault, although, right now I am convinced I am on *****.
On Thursday evening, we got invited to dinner. Curiously, both of us were invited separately. We just both happened to know the host. When I called her about the dinner, and I found out she had been invited as well. She insisted that we go together. I had no problem with that, but knowing her time keeping habits, I insisted, and made her promise that by 8pm she would be ready. The dinner was starting at 9pm. She assured me that she was looking forward to it and there was no way she would be late. I was sceptical, but, hey, I am a generous man; I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Come Friday, I was at her place at 7pm, ready and willing to give her an hour to do ‘final touches’, whatever that is, and we would be off at 8pm, as planned. Again, she reassured me that she had in fact done the bulk of the preparation. Whatever she meant by “bulk”. I thought it would be just dressing up, apply some make up, grab her purse and off we go. I waited, patiently.

30 minutes later, she still hadn’t appeared. But she had her allowance of one hour, I wouldn’t really have cared if she was taking a nap. When it struck 8pm, I went up to see what she was up to. She was doing something to her hair, and from the look of things, she was nowhere near done. She said: “Please, please, please, gimme a few minutes”, in that supposedly endearing way. But I didn’t feel endeared. I said: “Alright”, then left. I went to the party alone. She showed up two hours later, and from the look she gave me, it was over.