Thursday November 2 2017

Dating someone who has nothing to lose is a risk

By Christine Nakalungi

He started with beer then updated to stronger whiskies. He had sat quietly in a corner all alone but you could tell, he was deep in thought. He wiped his face with a paper towel and continued to sip his drink.
Like a tormented guy, he vigorously swept bottles off the table which fell on the ground. He wailed like a young boy as security guys helped him back to the chair. But he fought them as he tried to reach for a broken glass to slice his wrist.
“You will not commit suicide in my bar,” the manager intervened.
A group of guys who were watching the soccer game rushed to help out.
“It is all gone; she has ripped me of everything. I have no reason to live,” he continued wailing. Fellow guys tried to calm him down but in vain.
A lady rushed into the bar and headed straight to where the scuffle was.
“Moses, Moses, look at me. That woman was not good for you, now we know why. Calm down please,” she pleaded. He hugged her so tight like his life depended on her. “Mom and dad will be here soon, it’s okay, you will get back on your feet.” After regaining his senses, his sister went around apologizing and thanking everyone who had intervened. She shared a story about how Moses’s wife had destroyed his life. She had gone to his workplace accusing him of having an affair with his boss. When the security guys threw her out, she set his car and that of his boss on fire. She was screaming at the top of her lungs calling the manager all kinds of names.
She was arrested but in the end, it’s Moses who lost everything. He lost his job, respect and his dignity. The woman knew that regardless of what she does, she was not going to lose anything. Nothing was at stake and yet Moses had a lot to lose.
After about 30 minutes, Moses’s parents entered the bar, they looked like a billion shillings and his dad was not amused.
“I warned you not to marry someone who had nothing to lose but you were so blinded by her beauty and a few kisses.”
Forget how beautiful and eye catching your spouse is, if he /she is someone who has nothing to fight for in life; I am afraid to tell you that you are risking everything. Because someone who has nothing to lose might destroy everything you have.