Thursday August 7 2014

Dear husbands, do not destroy the trust we have

By Kiiza Akiiki

Love means a lot, like when you tell a person who is not related to you that you love them. This is not agape love where the Bible recommends us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.
No, I am talking about the passionate love where you truly love someone and are willing to give your life for her wellbeing.
In that case, you should learn to value the person who chose to respect and trust you, just the way you are. Or yes, great love in return. What do you think?
It is not easy for a stranger to love and cherish. It is for this reason that when someone accepts your love proposal, some of which come with tears, please treasure it and never be a disgrace for that matter. The more you love and respect a woman, the more she will love, respect, trust and cherish your love.
Just last week, I heard that one of the special hire drivers I have known for years committed adultery. Fortunately or unfortunately for him, the girl he had an affair with gave birth to twins. This is indeed agony and ecstasy. He is a Muganda and it’s claimed that in Buganda, the Nalongo and her twins never stay out of the marital home.
It can be great news to the public but deep down you, it’s like hell because you are not ready to even face the woman who has trusted you for more than 20 years. It is a difficult situation.
I think if you are not a Muslim, stick to that one person that God brought to you. Do not be deceived that there is a difference between woman A and B.
All you will gain from multiple relationships is stress and unhappiness. Scenes of women abusing and torturing each other are the order of the day.
Nobody will sympathise with you because you looked for that trouble. You will even fear to share your plight with friends just in case they spread the word about your infidelity. So you’re also psychologically tortured.
Leave alone this weird business of omusajja asajalata (a man has a right to fall in love with whoever he meets). It doesn’t work in this present day situation that is filled with killer viruses.
No woman will ever wish to share a man, just as men never want anyone to tamper with their ladies.
I am happy sipping that one bottle of soda alone till it’s done. In the same way, women want to have their men for life without being disturbed by intruders.
I hear these days men even fight for women because they know the good in them and don’t want anyone to discover. But then, no woman will ever ground a man to prevent their wandering eye. This is a man’s responsibility. Do not allow vultures to prey on you. Turn a blind eye, maintaining yourself for her alone. Not every dress deserves your handsome smile, man!
And remember this; men also have dignity to preserve. It will not sound cool when women start to describe you. Like how big, short, tall, or, small you are.
Some even discuss how inactive or dirty you are. Let it be a secret between you and your wife. It is your role to lift her head high in public.