Friday January 19 2018

Dear mistress, know your boundaries


From the time of our ancestors, mistresses have been part of our communities. It is not right but they exist anyway.

Most times, the mistresses are kept as shadows until the brave man decides to openly introduce her to the family or the suspicious wife plays detective and finds her.
Whichever way the mistress’s cover is blown, she should not get so comfortable and play the wicked husband snatcher.

Lately, most young girls have decided to settle for being mistresses and since the man rents her an apartment, buys her a Vitz and pays the bills, she feels like the queen of the palace but no, you are still a shadow and should not act beyond that.

I was recently hosted by a family in my neighbourhood in what was a fun time to feast and make merry. The enjoyment, however, did not last as an uninvited guest showed up at the door. When she entered, the husband and the wife frowned which alerted all of us. I must admit, this was the most awkward visit I have ever had.

She was the mistress who almost destroyed the family if it was not for the wife’s parents who had encouraged her to hang in there.
They had encouraged her that a mistress is just a passenger in their train (marriage) she will board off at a certain point but their lives will keep moving on.

She believed and decided to fight for her marriage.
By the look of things, the husband had sobered up and had put an end to the fling. The mistress, however, was not ready to end the game.

And when the man did not respond to her numerous night phone calls and nagging texts, she decided to show face to fuel an already burning flame.
When no one gave her attention, she started spitting fire and calling the wife all kinds of unpleasant names.

And we all got to know everything the man had ever told her about his wife behind closed doors. It was such a dramatic scene.
The wife had no more reasons to cry because it was beyond her imagination. The mistress tried to prove to all of us how deep she knows the husband, how much he earns, and all the unnecessary information.

By the time she was thrown out of the house, she had actually proved why the man was married to the other woman and not her.
It is not a crime to fall in love with anyone especially since most men do not reveal their marital status until it is too deep but it is not right to break a marriage.

So, if you have signed up to be a mistress, know your lane and keep in it.