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Editor’s word : Fighting temptations

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Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  02:00

All my exes are my friends on Facebook, mostly because our breakups were not as dramatic for me to block or unfriend them.There is one though, whose timeline I find myself keeping tabs on. I am on his wall scrolling through his posts and constantly clicking on every picture to check out the girls that are tagged on there [Sorry hun, I don’t actually mean this].

Am I stalking him? Am I looking for someone to fawn over during my boring work hours? Did I not get over him? Do I envy his next girl? Do I wish I could eat from my vomit? Well, I don’t know what’s with the discreet online ‘harassment’ - I just find myself doing it.

If it’s consolation enough, I want to believe I am not the only person who’s Keeping Up With The Ex online. Sometimes, often when we weren’t ready to let the person go, or if they just went AWOL, it’s only natural that we want to know who’s stepping in our shoes and if our former sugar plums are coping well. In our feature this week, we explore how social media has made it hard for many people to completely move on after a break up. Some people enjoy it, while others wish they could somehow erase the past. Read and see where you fall.
Then, are you that guy looking for some Olivia Pope-kind-of-girl or is Borris Kodjoe the ideal guy you see yourself waking up next to - complete with the abs and all?

How determined are you to tighten grip on those fantasies? In our main story, Gloria Haguma writes about the checklists - those qualities you wish your next or potential partner could have and how keeping this list can help or break your chances of settling down. Also, have you been wondering why you won’t be finding yourself on another date? Try out our tips and guarantee you will win yourself a second date, and may be, just may be, another. Enjoy!