Heart to Heart

Editor’s word :Going the extra mile

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By Rosie

Posted  Thursday, December 19   2013 at  02:00

Have you ever met someone interesting; you feel a spark and an instant attraction, but you do not know how to approach them? How much would you be willing to do to find your way to this person’s heart? For Maurice Ochol, when this one girl crossed his path, he did not sit back and wait for another apple to come by - he had a strategy - send her a friend request on Facebook. About three years later, the NTV news reporter is proud to refer to Patricia as his lovely wife. Talk of the amazing things social media can do! The Ochols share their interesting love story in our profile couple today. Did you know that on their wedding day they got lost in their kiss that the reverend had to stop them? Mnnnh!! Read and enjoy.

Now ladies, is there that one man who is always nice to you; makes your office coffees every morning, passes a drink to your table at lunch time, wants to always say hello with a hug and often compliments your dress code? You can’t help but imagine that he probably has a crush on you or is looking for an easy pass to get that cookie, if you know what I mean. But, does it ever cross your mind that he probably just likes you, your personality and your energies? That you probably remind him of his lovely sister, a nice friend he once had or even his mom? All his gestures are totally innocent, no strings attached.

In our feature, one man pours out his heart, telling the ladies that it is not always all about your cookie jar. He thinks men deserve a chance to be wholly understood. So ladies, in case you receive a nice gift or nice something from a male friend this festive season, bambi don’t rush to think otherwise - it may be innocent. Talking of the festive season, we will not run an issue of heart to heart on Boxing Day but will resume on January 2. So, have a love-filled festive break!