Thursday August 21 2014

Eyes on married bridesmaid

By Eugene Mugisha

Susan is one of those hotter-than-the-bride bridesmaid I found myself eyeballing the entire duration of the wedding last Saturday. Thing is, this girl Sandra was watching her too. Since then, I have got to learn two things; Sandra wasn’t really interested in Susan, she was looking for something to distract me while she did her secret business, and Susan is married. Her husband makes their marriage look like some kind of blood oath, which in all honesty, marriage is supposed to be.

But, this man over does it. In simple words, the man is a very possessive, insecure maniac. I did not need her to tell me this, I got suspicious after I noticed the man watching me like a hawk just because I had talked to Susan.

I could not get her contacts because suddenly, he was allover the place, everywhere I turned, there he was. But Sandra got me Susan’s number; that is how determined she was to keep me occupied so I do not pay attention to whatever it was she was up to. She did not know that I already knew about her and that groomsman, yet she was dating my friend.

But that is none of my business. The next day I called Susan. The man answered the phone. Okay, now this was getting annoying. But he is her husband, probably he subscribes to the “two become one” notion. I pretended I was part of the organising committee for the wedding, checking up on a few loose ends.

He did not seem to buy it, but he passed the phone over to Susan. I quickly refreshed her mind of who I was, and briefing her about the situation, I asked her to call me back as soon as possible. Now, before you start judging me, let me inform you that I had no idea she was married the first time I saw her.

When she told me she was, I was ready to let it go, but two things stopped me; the way she informed me she was, anyone could tell it was not working, but what really motivated me was the man himself. The way he kept watch of me, as if I had personally informed him I was interested in his wife - it was a different level of insecurity. With a woman who looks like that, it is understandable that other men will always line up for her.

I wondered why he was picking on me, yet I had even lied to him that I was part of the wedding team - he clearly has personal issues. The next day, Susan called, but what she told me is not what I expected to hear. She asked me to leave her alone, and never ever disturb her. Now, why the aggression? I only wanted to be friends with her.

When I told Sandra about the turn of events, she did not even seem interested. I later learnt that her and the groomsman were getting on well, like two peas in a pod, so my little failure with Susan was my business. And I thought she was my friend!