Sunday June 22 2014

Friends did their best to make it happen



By Lawrence Ogwal

When and how did you meet?
Paul: We both p go to church at Omega Healing Centre in Namasuba. For a long time, I had been observing her and one day in 2012, we got to meet. I seized the opportunity and we started talking.
Grace: We met at church in 2012. One Sunday, we sat next to each other and engaged in a conversation after service. This led to our friendship and before long we had started dating.

When was the proposal?
Paul: I proposed to Grace on April 12, 2013. This was after an evening together at Little Gardens Restaurant in Zzana where we had gone for dinner I had no ring, I used a “diamond-like stone” that I had kept for a long time. I gave her the stone and told her my intentions.
Grace: At a dinner with Paul, he got out a shiny stone and said to me, “Grace, life is a journey... I need to walk with you”. I was so excited because I had been waiting for it for a long time.

What attracted you to each other?
Paul: Grace is a brilliant woman and devout Christian. She is also a loving and creative person. This is the kind of wife I had always been looking for.
Grace: He is God-fearing and loving. He loves people and we both love computers.

Where was the wedding and why?
Paul: We exchanged vows at Omega Healing Centre in Namasuba on May 16, 2014. We chose this place because it is where we had been attending fellowship for years. I’m glad to have taken photos in Lweza Gardens where I had always been an usher for years.

Grace: At Omega Healing Centre in Namasuba because it is where we have been attending fellowship over the years.

What was your theme colour?
Paul: I chose royal blue because it is my favourite colour and lovely on the eye . I was shocked when Grace chose pink. Like most of her friends and family, I thought she would opt for yellow. I have always known her as a fan of yellow.
Grace: I asked for pink because of Paul’s choice. Most of my friends and family were shocked that I did not ask for yellow.

Did you involve a wedding planner?
Paul: Grace and I planned for the wedding with the help of a number of friends and family. We are grateful to the people who supported us. It wasn’t easy because we had to hold wedding meetings every Friday in order to raise the money.

What were the interesting and worst moments?
Paul: It was inspiring to be in the company of friends that were lively and entertaining at the salon. Also while at the salon, the woman in charge treated me like her own son.
My worst moment was when the maid of honour arrived late during the photo shoot in Lweza Gardens. However, I calmed down on remembering that she is committed. She had taken me through a lot to make me a joyous groom and husband and she had always been there for me since childhood. She always taught me how to be a good man in future.
Grace: I loved the moment when we were in church and Paul said “I do”.
I got butterflies in my stomach when my maid of honour arrived late for the photo shoot in Lweza Gardens.

Which place did you choose for the reception?
Paul: Having our reception at Madre’s Restaurant in Freedom City Mall was a dream come true. It was a cost-friendly package: venue, music, food, drinks, chairs and tables.
Likewise, the place is accessible and weatherproof. It cost us nearly shs8m.

Did you face any challenges during preparations?
Paul: Most times we were late for our premarital counselling sessions. This happened partly while I was at the peak of work: examinations period at my workplace and facilitating at a Scouts’ Camp.

Did you go for premarital counselling and do you think it is vital?
Paul: Premarital counselling was extremely good. Pr Jesse Lukayi and his wife Rosemary said even after over 20 years, people still wonder how they have managed to stick to each other.
Secondly, it is important to focus on the major relationship issues and lastly, with God all things are possible.
Grace: yes, because you get to learn a lot before you get married. You learn things like how to resolve marriage issues and deal with ups and downs

How did you get funds and how much did you use?
Paul: We got contributions from friends and family. The wedding cost about Shs16m.
Grace: Friends and family did provide some funds, a sign that we were loved. A number of services were offered; Cake by Abigail Confectionaries, three Jaguars by Floben Enterprises, and groom’s salon by CK Men’s Salon. All these were offered by different friends at no cost.

What went wrong that day?
Paul: One of the pageboys could not make it to to the barbershop. We asked my nephew, Victor to stand in for him.
However, the suit he was given was not of his preference and he cried.
Grace: Apart from the maid of honour being late for the photoshoot, nothing went wrong.

How was the wedding eve and what were you doing on that day?
Paul: It was a wonderful moment at home in Bunamwaya with many family members and friends who gave me encouraging messages. I appreciate my father and mother, Mr and Mrs Mugano for being such great mentors to me.
Grace: This was a tough yet touching day. I realised I was leaving home for good to be with Paul.
My parents, Mr and Mrs Muzinda with other relatives gave me heartwarming messages that encouraged me to seek God always.

Where did you go for honeymoon?
Paul: We had awesome moments at Green Valley Hotel, Ggaba. It lasted two days and I have no regrets. I enjoyed taking walks with my wife. We were saluted as honeymooners. I appreciate my wife for some beautiful honeymoon surprises.
Grace: Paul and I enjoyed walks and delicious fish; even then, I experienced the creativity of Paul.

If you were to redo the wedding, what would you change?
Paul: I would make the wedding even simpler. I would opt for a bigger cake, cookies, soda and lots of mineral water instead of food.
Grace: I would opt for low-heeled shoes.

What do you advise those intending to wed?
Paul: Never rush when preparing for a wedding; this will ensure that everything go as planned.

How can one cut costs for their wedding?
Paul: Never be taken by expensive trends or brands. Focus on the vows. Already made clothes are better and cheaper.
Being too particular may cause unnecessary delay as well as getting services at a high cost.
For instance, my entourage used suits and shirts that had not been tailored for our wedding. I only spent Shs25,000 on neckties.