Thursday January 30 2014

Get a chance to enjoy Country Lake Resort this Valentine’s

Three lucky couples have a chance to enjoy this

Three lucky couples have a chance to enjoy this relaxing and naturally-romantic experience on Valentine’s Day. To get lucky, get participating in the Just the two of us promotion. PHOTOS BY MICHAEL KAKUMIRIZI 

“They will be our queens and kings on that day and our role will be to make them feel at home.” These were words from Mr Moses Odomel, the general manager of Country Lake Resort Garuga, to three couples who will win a Valentine’s Day treat at the resort.

The treat will be part of the Just the Two of Us Valentine’s promotion sponsored by the Heart to Heart magazine and KFM.
Located in Garuga, off Entebbe Road, Country Lake Resort offers a fresh, breath-taking, relaxed, romantic environment, with a fresh breeze ideal for loved ones.

Nature is written all over the resort as soon as you get to the driveway, punctuated by beautiful sculptures and antique paintings. If you ask me, every stroll offers a photo opportunity.
Overlooking the lake, the resort is quite busy. You won’t miss people taking boat rides, kayaking, bird watching, playing mini-golf or volley ball, among other games. If you are not the active one, there are perfect viewing points.

The lucky couples will also be treated to a free photo shoot at the resort gardens, which are decorated with beautiful water fountains and crafted antiques.

And for couples who would want to unwind after a fun-filled day, did I mention the resort has two large dance floors where you will get to shake it off to live video mixing by their in-house DJ Jimmy?

The resort’s cottages are named after Uganda’s beautiful lakes, according to size. So guests have a choice to pick their favourite lake as they prepare for a warm, quiet night. You can be guaranteed to sleep like a baby.
According to Mr Odomel, the promotion is an opportunity for loved ones to pamper themselves and indulge in various fun-filled activities. The promotion is open to couples; married or not and any other loved ones.

To win a chance, join the 93.3 KFM Facebook page and post your most memorable romantic experience or listen to the K-Zone with Jaq Deweyi from 8pm-12am and read the Heart to Heart magazine every Thursday to know if you have qualified. The top 10 posts will be in for the final draw. You could also recommend a couple you think deserves a treat. Good luck!

My baby looked beyond my skin

I met the love of my life in December 2009 and I thank God everyday because my life has never been better. I like the way my baby adores me. When I had just met him, I used to feel ugly because my skin wasn’t clear. I felt so insecure but one day, he sat me on his laps and told me: “Baby, I don’t see anything wrong with your face. You are so beautiful and shouldn’t care about such stupid things because I see beyond this pretty face, I see your heart and character and that’s what matters.”

He then kissed my face and hugged me. He made me feel so worthy and I have always felt beautiful since then. He calls me his model and uploads my pictures on Facebook with special messages. I feel like the luckiest woman on earth and there is nothing more I would want but to be everything he wants. He doesn’t know I entered this competition but I want to tell him: “Nsubuga James, I want you to know in front of the whole world that I love you and even if I don’t win, I just want you to feel as special as you always make me feel. HAPPY EARLY VALENTINE’s.
Hellen Etoori

Money wasn’t her target

As a young man from a humble family, I went through struggles to get to school, so I vowed never to date until I had finished school and found a job since I had once lost a girl I loved so much just because I couldn’t afford to take her out on days such as Valentine’s. However, after resisting so many beauties at campus for a year, I met this one beautiful girl whom I found irresistible. I promised to take her out at least twice a month and promised her that Valentine’s would always be heaven for us.

We dated for a year but I don’t remember even one time when I took her out or bought her flowers. Another year went by and nothing changed but she stuck with me. In 2010, she visited my place on Valentine’s but we all ended up in tears because I had nothing for her. That night we decided that we should stay together and since then, I still have never done something special for her. I feel this offer would be a real surprise to her and could bring more fire in our relationship.
Godfrey Chakala Mukola

Lunch, walk, memories
He invited me to his place and told me I was smart and beautiful and that I deserved a good treat. He asked me to keep him company in the kitchen as he prepared us lunch. Time after time, he would walk up to me and peck me on my forehead...he served lunch and later suggested we go for a walk, which ended in a treasure hunt at a place where we first met.
Cynthia Duchess

She eluded me for years

2009 marked the exodus of love in a magnetic field for me. All the love I felt came out of the blue because somebody’s daughter, my classmate then, had charmed my heart and mind. This beautiful girl always made me freeze like water that had spent a while in the fridge. But being new in the game, I had a challenge of how to set a trap, lay strategies and find convincing words to woo this girl. One evening, I asked her friend to ask her to see me. The response wasn’t good.

I continued pursuing her and luckily enough, one evening she agreed to meet me. I poured out my heart, but she rejected me and told me she had come to school to read her books. I felt out of place and confused, but I didn’t give up. On the Valentine’s Day of 2009, she sent me a letter, committing to love me. It felt good discussing love with my sweetheart, someone I had had eyes on for a long time..
George Emorut