Friday December 16 2016

Haven’t given birth yet? Go slow on contraceptives

There are a number of contraceptives

There are a number of contraceptives 

By Christine Nakalungi

From simple painkillers to mitigate menstrual cramps to numerous birth control pills advertised continually in media, women have seen it all. When women – especially the unmarried ones – are having unprotected sex, there is always a temptation to use contraception but before you take that pill, seek medical advice or keep up with the natural solutions.
Some pills women take interrupt their natural system. There is a growing trend of postponing one’s period because it is likely to fall on a day one has an event, holiday or exam.

Fear of staining your clothes and being embarrassed might appear good reasons to cause a delay but I believe the natural system works on no man’s command and thus should be left to operate naturally.

If you are a woman and have not given birth yet, do not be excited about the contraceptives you read about or see on TV, they might work for other women but might not be compatible with your body or blood.

Most doctors will not tell you about the side effects mainly because you never ask. But before you stock that morning after pill and numerous contraceptives, be alerted that cervical and breast cancer is on the rise and you are more likely to attract a heart attack and a stroke. At the dead end, you might end up becoming infertile.
The complications you are likely to bring to yourself might be costly and some might rob you of the opportunity to ever be a mother.
Most women are going to witchdoctors in search for children but when in reality they created the barrenness by swallowing numerous morning-after pills, or even aborting in fear of early parenthood. If you are not ready to become mature, avoid situations that might lead you into temptation.

In high school, a very quiet girl fainted in class, she was rushed to the hospital and when they called her mother, the doctor passed on the report, “your daughter’s uterus is damaged. We will have to remove it. She used wrong abortion measures that damaged her uterus”. Her mother picked up her bag and left the hospital room without a word. The girl cried out, “Mother, I am sorry. Please do not leave me alone. I am scared.” Her mother stopped at the stairs, sat down and wailed. Security guards helped her back into the room before she could cause a scene. This was her only child and with the doctor’s report, she had lost the hope of ever having a grandchild.

My dear sisters, if you cannot count your safe days well, abstain. No woman deserves to miss out on the joy of being a mother.

Call me old school and a coward but prevention is better than cure so my sisters, until you have children, go slow on contraceptives. In search for a temporary solution, you might end up creating a permanent damage.