Thursday February 11 2016

Her sisters want to beat me for loving her


By Heart to Heart

The problem
Dear Heart to Heart, I have a girlfriend whom I met and we fell in real love two months ago. We love each other but her sisters seem a problem to me because whenever they meet me with their sister, they don’t greet us. Even if I greet them, there isn’t any reply and they have spontaneously promised to beat me up. So what should I do? “Free the girl or proceed with her”?


Faatii Mahad. As long as you love the girl, you also have to love her sisters. So you can’t say that you love the girl while others are not happy with you. First get close to the family then they will also like you.

Morris Moo Omen. How did you present yourself the first time you met them and how do you behave and talk every time you are around them? Ask yourself those questions before you complain because it might be you who has given them all the reasons to hate you. Otherwise if you are okay with your girlfriend continue with her because you are not dating her sisters after all but make sure you convince them to like you for you to have a smooth relationship with their sister.

Dimple Marilyn Charmz Mulamba. Proceed my dear, you are not in love with her sisters your only and only in love with her.

Mutyaba De Katamba. Once you fall in love with a person, both families must fall in love with both of you, by force or by peace

Richard Mugisa. Forget about her sisters. They probably envy their sister. So mind about your relationship only.

Amanubzo Amos. And you call it real love???

Hector Hussien Dk. You first ask yourself why they hate you? If the problem is you remember to adjust. If it’s jealousy do what you feel can save you and your love for her.

Dido Louis. Be a lover not a fighter but you fight for what you love.

Lørdz Rebel Julius-yong. Girls to beat you? Zeeeee.

Masereka Fitting Simon. Simple you just go a head with your fiancew. What matters is your love for her.

Baraka Mwangala. Just ignore those haters. They are jealous no doubt.

Counsellor says : Hope Nankunda Mwijuka- Healing Talk Counselling Services

Dear Lawrence,
I would like to start by telling you that two months is such a short period of time for you to tell if that girl is actually in love with you or not. So, whereas you may think that you are seriously in love with her, it may actually be a different story with her. If she really loves you at all, she would never team up with her sisters and plan to beat you up. Instead, she would be defending and protecting you from them just in case they don’t like you. You cannot even tell if it is her that requests her sisters to defend her from you.

It could be that she never wanted to have a serious relationship with you but instead it’s you that is insisting on calling her your girlfriend, something she may not be interested in. So, I will ask you to meet with her and ask her why she treats you strangely when she is with her sisters.

Communication is very important in every relationship. You have to open up to her and observe her response. If she is not interested in you like you thought, then forget about her and pray to God for the right girlfriend meant for you. It’s never too late for the right girl to appear in your life. Don’t dedicate your time to a wrong person and realise later that you were wasting your time. I wish you all the best Lawrence.

Compiled by
Roland D. Nasasira

Next week’s problem

Dear Heart to Heart, I am a student and I am in love with a girl l met a year ago at school. She visits me at home almost every day so l did the same. But to my surprise, on my visit, she stopped me at the gate, greeted me and warned me never to visit her. Now she has blacklisted me that my calls no longer go through. Please help me. What can I do because I still love her