Thursday June 26 2014

Hey, will it be lunch or dinner?

By Rosie Omodoi

That headline is probably one of the codes these guys use when they are planning their “duty calls”. If I may try and crack my own code, this could mean his place or a hotel room? (I scratched my head hard to crack that).

But does anyone else feel how wrong that sounds? Okay, you can call me a little old school but still, I don’t think I will ever get myself to understand how any right-thinking person can get into such an arrangement.

Oh! Excuse me, before I get you all puzzled, I am talking about ‘friends with benefits’. Yes, that kind of relationship you get in with someone and the sole aim is to get “some”, if you know what I mean. No emotions whatsoever.

A couple of months ago, a friend confessed to have been in such a relationship. And although there is supposed to be a “friend” (defining) this arrangement, he told me the friendship bit is never really strong.

“This is someone in your friend circle but you have no problem ringing them when the need arises.” But help me understand, how different is that from someone who goes to Speke Road? Huh? Apart from maybe knowing this person and having to get free “things”.

Matters beneath the sheets is something that should come with emotion, a thing that should not cause any party to be jealous, something that should not be treated casually. And we all know that as long as two people continue to share the same bed, albeit casually, emotions are bound to arise.

If you have watched the movie Friends with Benefits, you know how that ended. Clearly, there is no way emotions won’t sprout, and so when you have a spouse, then what? Read our Page 3 feature on this!