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Hook yourself a second date

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By Janet Napio

Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  02:00

1. Groom self. On a first date, it is important to look your best and yet still not over dress. Have clean nails, get rid of the chipped nail polish, brush your teeth, use some mint if the bad breath persists, wear deodorant and perfume, but don’t overdo it, lest you choke your date. Neat hair and clean but comfortable clothes will earn you points.

2. Behave. The first date is not time to yell at the waiter, pick your nose or chew like a goat. Do not gulp your drink like it is the last you will be enjoying that day. Be on your best behaviour because first impressions really matter. If you don’t know how to use a knife and fork, this is not the time to learn. Enjoy your meal with civility.

3.Don’t give too much. Keep the conversation light and simple. Giving too much information about yourself could scare your date away. The dirty linen on how whom everyone you have dated in the past caught a peculiar disease and died or how deep in debt you are, should remain tucked away.