Thursday February 6 2014

How fresh are your romantic memories?

The KFM Facebook page has been abuzz for the last four weeks, with many of our readers and listeners sending in their most memorable romantic experiences with their partners.
If you have been participating in the promotion and keeping tabs on the Heart to Heart magazine every Thursday, then you should have seen your letter somewhere.

However, if you didn’t see your letter anywhere, worry not! Jaq, the K-Zone presenter, is still unclogging her inbox - who knows, your letter might have been saved for last.

This week we will have our favourite 10 participate in a surprise game, from where we will choose seven lucky couples who will then be assured of the most romantic Valentine’s experiences.
The team at the RainForest Lodge, Mabira and Country Lake Resort, Garuga can’t wait either - their hands are itching to spend, pamper, excite and spoil these couples on that day.
It’s a day to share, get lost and enjoy love as it is, so be sure to have the most romantic time.

Reading your letters and experiences every week was such a pleasure. Some of them were funny, sweet, romantic, daring, amusing, playful, lovely and silly. Clearly there’s so much love out there. I would have loved to see faces attached of each of these letters but like they say, not every one can get lucky.
Whatever happens this week, don’t you sulk if you aren’t a lucky seven, there’s always another Valentine’s Day coming. One thing I know for sure, these seven couples are going to have one heaven of a Valentine’s Day!

we had a baby on valentine’s

My memorable Valentine was in 2011 when my wife gave birth to a baby boy at around mid-day in Kitovu Hospital, Masaka. We were so happy and she told me to get a name for our baby. I named him VALENTINO KAWEESA and he is the only son I have. This is the most valuable Valentine’s gift she gave me. I love her so much.
Mozes Man U Munamasaka

we spent my little pocket money

It all happened in my small hostel room in Mukono. My angel was a student at Nkozi University, so one day I invited her to my hostel. I cooked and decorated my room and by 6pm everything was set. I had a silver necklace in my jeans pockets and a customised T-shirt with my picture. I had made it for her. When my angel arrived, we hugged and I ushered her into the room. We talked for a while before I served her food and a glass of wine, with soft music playing in the background. We exchanged presents and of course intimacy took its course, but there was no love making. It was memorable because a person does not need a lot of money to make his partner happy. I made my angel happy with the little pocket money my parents gave me.
Chris Olweny

37 years and still feeling the love

My wife and I have been together for 37 years and during this time we have had countless romantic adventures. The most memorable, which has embedded nostalgic feelings was in 2011, a weekend following Valentine’s. We went to the Sese Islands - it was our first time to travel on water. We arrived at Lutoboka Landing Site after three hours and checked into our hotel, where the attendants waited. That weekend was like our honeymoon. We reinvented ourselves like teenagers. It was wonderful! If we are chosen, we hope to have a whole new experience that will rekindle our LOVE LIFE.
Peter Kayizzi

lunch, walk, mem

One day I came across this guy at my aunt’s shop, where I was helping out during the holidays. He was a brother to my aunt’s friend and they used to visit. As time went by we started dating. I left my aunt’s place to look for a better job to pay for tuition. My mum had just recovered from an illness and she had lost her job. I was lucky to get one but the money was little. I almost applied for a dead year but this guy came to my rescue. I was surprised because we hadn’t known each other for long. After school he opened a business for me and we moved in together and he has been such a loving man. I am my mum’s only child and I’m truly proud of this man. He’s the best gift I could ever give my mother.
Brenda Nakatudde

nothing beats my valentine’s in jail

It was February 2007 when I was arrested. It was not easy for me and no one came to see me but I kept praying to God that somebody could come check on me but it didn’t happen. After a week, I received a surprise visitor - it was my girlfriend. She was dressed in red and black, holding red roses and gifts, including a red T-shirt. The first thing she said was Happy Valentine’s Day my love. I was so amazed and at that moment I forgot I was a criminal because God had answered my prayers. We spent some time talking about love. I was overwhelmed with love and joy and for a moment forgot about my problems. She told me that innocent or guilty, it was the love that mattered. She even promised to see that I am released. I will never forget 14-02-07.
David Musinguzi

church is where we met

I was attending a wedding ceremony at church and there was this lady seated opposite me. I do not like standing in churches but this time, I stood whenever it was time to rise up, just so that I could stare at her. I think she enjoyed it too because she kept smiling back. At the wedding reception, I approached her and we talked and she kept asking why I couldn’t get my eyes off her. During our chat, the DJ played Just The Way You Are, so I asked her to dance with me, and that’s the moment I started to like her. We kissed. It was the best kiss ever. The next week, she sent me a text: “Hey this is Jessy.” I don’t know where she got my number but I literally jumped up and started dancing .
A-Mos O-Pio

sweet taxi girl

I was in a taxi one morning on my way to town when I met this girl. She unfolded the chair for me when I entered and went on to say ‘Hi’. She asked if I was a student and told me she was in her final year at campus. She took me by surprise because I never really care, and when we both alighted, she hugged me goodbye as if she’d known me for long. It was really memorable and nice.
Rico R Pack Master