Thursday March 20 2014

How to deal with a fight

By Michael Agaba

1. Walk away. When someone we love angers us, we get disappointed. The urge for emotional release may arise at this point, but walking away during the heat of the moment will do more magic. This will give you time to cool off and reconsider all your words. Imagine how regretful you will be after you have uttered vulgar and insulting words, which could change your partner’s perception of you. Wait and sober up before bringing up what’s bothering you.

2.Own up responsibility. To err is human. So if it is you and not your partner, then it is only mature of you to take responsibility for your actions. For many a couple, saying “sorry” is the hardest thing but it is the most comforting and conflict-resolving expression in a relationship. Many men think it is a woman’s word but in a relationship, this does not take away a man’s authority.

3.Change environment. In case of an argument, think of finding a quiet place where you can forget about the quarrel. At this moment, you or your partner are raging with anger and want to hurt them, so try and avoid being next to them. An evening at the movies, comedy at the theatre, a cup of coffee or a walk will most likely help change your mood. And when you have cooled off, you can then bring up the issue, and avoid any would-have-been damage.