Thursday May 22 2014

How to stealthily date your workmate

By Kiiza Akiiki

I have heard of people who have relationships within their work premises. Some take it a notch higher, say marriage, while others do it just for fun.

These relationships are fun, but you might fall in for someone who already has a line behind them. So if you are not cautious, you might end up at loggerheads or doing something wrong to a colleague. If you are involved in any sweet relationship at your work place, here are a few ideas to help you have a successful office relationship.

Act normal. Keep your relationship confidential. Avoid showing anyone that there is something going between you and the person they suspect.

Don’t try and own them. There will be instances where this person may be hugged by another colleague, or act more provocatively. Yes, it hurts, but just swallow, to maintain peace. Any confrontation will spark suspicion.

Delete any evidence. Supposing you sit on different floors or in the same office but have different desks, make it a point to completely delete all intimate or suspicious emails, that’s if you use office mail to communicate. If possible, avoid using that mail; instead adopt other means like watsapp or Facebook, where no one can follow you.

Communication. If at all you can’t avoid talking to this person, text. Believe me, no one will follow you. Never allow to be an office topic. Then, avoid using the office phone to express your love, because people will get a chance of following your conversation.

Never defend yourself. There are times people will start gossiping about your relationship and in your presence but make sure never to react, however provoking the comments might be. Instead walk away peacefully.

Outing. This is the most interesting. There will be a time you may need to go out together. Yes, it’s okay but it would be better if you went to places far away from your work place, for security purposes. Don’t let other people follow your moves.

Do not travel together. Never travel or move together while leaving your work place even if one has a car and the other doesn’t. At least, use a boda boda or a taxi and make it a point never to leave office at the same time, to avoid suspicion.

If in love with your boss or subject, don’t show off. Forget the business of undermining or treasuring people more than others for it will be easy for colleagues to suspect something.

Then, don’t over smile or exchange romantic glances in the presences of other people. Never contribute to a conversation where one of you is involved because you will automatically show sides. Avoid being a rumour transporter and keep the affection to yourself.

Keep the affection private. It’s nice to once in a while have a sweet kiss or hug tightly in public. I mean, show them how much you love or treasure this person but in this case it’s different. So preserve your kisses, and sweet hugs for a private place where no one will interrupt your romance. Avoid the office corridors, you will be embarrassed.

Avoid office discussions. This will help you focus on yourselves and avoid misunderstandings that might spark off a separation or hatred for people outside your love boat.