Thursday April 3 2014

I decided to give the girls a break, but for how long?

By Eugene Mugisha

Now that I am newly single, I have been thinking; How about taking off some time before jumping back into the fray? Not that I have girls queuing, but even if they were, wouldn’t it be great being single for a while? I know it will not be easy for me. Once my friends heard that I had been dumped, they all, for their own sinister reasons, thought it was cause to party.

Guess they were only looking for an excuse to have a wild night out to hook me up. But I was not that kind of man anymore. I am rediscovering myself, and that doesn’t seem to come easy, not when you aren’t sober. So, when the boys took me out, I only stayed for a while then went back home to, unbelievably, read a book.

The next day, I called my friend Samantha. Despite her age, she is the one person I believe would help me on my new path to self-rediscovery. We never got further than being just friends because she saw through my act. She has charms alright, but she is wise too. Too wise to date me. We had ended up as friends instead, with the hope that one day I would catch her with her guard down.

That hadn’t happened in three years, and now she was the one I was turning to. She invited me to her house that evening, but what she didn’t tell me was that it would be a full house, of mostly girls. All I had wanted was a quiet evening with her, talking sense. What I got was a hen house. One thing I have learnt is that a group of girls will degenerate to chaos however organised each of them might be as individuals. Even Samantha was busy running up and down.

A week earlier, this would have been perfect. But the new me looked at this as mayhem. I wanted peace and quiet. Eventually, I managed to steal Samantha away for a few minutes to explain why I needed her urgently. She heard me out, then laughed out loud. She said I was acting like a hormonal adolescent.

That men don’t change, especially men like me – not in their adulthood. In other words, I was going through a phase akin to teenagers and it wouldn’t be long before I got back to being the old me. I tried to explain that I was serious this time, but she only reminded me that I was in a house full of girls. She left me alone.

An hour later, I began doubting if I would ever change at all. There were many girls but there was this one girl who seemed as bored as I was. Once or twice when our eyes met, she looked away. Just when I was thinking of walking over to introduce myself, in a friendly way, I received a text - from Samantha. She was telling me that the girl’s name was Tina, she was nice and I should only talk to her if I was not going to waste her time.

Samantha had been watching me the entire time, and she still believed she was right, I had not changed at all. I am always all about the ladies.