Thursday May 29 2014

I dream about my dead boyfriend


The problem
Dear Heart to Heart, for the last three years I have been getting dreams about my late boyfriend. On the night that he died, he wanted to spend a night at my place but I gave him a cold shoulder and he drove off, only to be called by police a few hours later to go to the morgue and identify his body. From the time that call came through, I have been getting nightmares and seeing him in dreams. Sometimes I even feel him sitting at the edge of my bed asking me why I caused his death. Please help me, I really want to move on
- Naome

Your solutions

That is destiny. Just push all that to the unconscious part of your mind and you will be okay.

Pray as you seek the services of a professional counsellor.

That’s a demon which needs strong prayers. I advise you to seek pastoral counselling, because nothing is impossible with God.

Sorry for you but stop over believing in the past, get yourself something to do and stop those imaginations.

Go and they pray for you in any nearby Church.

He is not your boyfriend. Next time it happens wake up and pray. Chase that evil spirit through serious prayer. Declare that you are not part of it and always cover yourself with the precious blood of Jesus before going to bed.

Why call him your late boyfriend? Loosen yourself from the shackles of his memory. For whatsoever you lose in this world shall be found in the after life too. You are not his girlfriend. You didn’t cause his death, the anger of man does not serve the purpose of God. Whosoever reacts or acts in anger begets ill results. Woman thou art loosed.

Do you believe you have a hand in his death? Where was he going? Whatever, just go to church for help and serious prayers.

Noame, just get closer to God, he’s the only solution to your problem, so pray and believe in God, he will make wonders for you.

So sorry but you need to move on and try forgetting, or contact me, I will make your nightmares go away.

Fill your head with the word of God it will chase away the evil nightmares.

Put a pig’s bone under your pillow when you sleep at night. It chases ghosts away.

It is normal to have nightmares after such tragic experiences. It means that you haven’t let go. Go for counselling and that will help you relive the event and get over it. I went through such too.

Relax, because there is a day already arranged for everyone to die or live so it is upon God and we can’t change that. You are absolutely innocent (people still love you, your relatives love you, God loves you, the world loves you and I, your friend love you) so why don’t you relax, for you have caused nothing. Be blessed and live longer.

The dead are not dead! He will still disturb you if you had a hand in his death. Ask for forgiveness from the dead for what you did to him and pray hard.

Quickly look for a Bible and believe in people who will take you through deliverance. You have no connection with the dead. The day he died, he stopped being your boyfriend.

Naome, your problem is you think too much and as a result, you are beginning to hallucinate! You need to get your mind off your late boyfriend and allow yourself to move on! You have your whole future ahead of you and the earlier you let go, the better for you.

You just have to be steadfast in prayer and you need some counselling, because it seems you blame yourself for his demise.

These are called familiar spirits, so learn to use the sword, which is the word of God; pray. Do not think about it and don’t blame yourself for his death. What if he had died on your bed? What would you do? Go on with your life, if you are not yet born again, do it quickly, then pray dear and don’t be afraid of the dead because they don’t have any relationship with the living.

Never must you allow a man to spend a night with you before marriage. You acted rightly and it is never you who caused it. Only that, as a man thinks in is heart, so is he. So don’t entangle your heart to a guilt. Life goes on and never must you stop to act right.

May be you kept him at the back of your mind that night that’s why you think of him. Just get occupied with someone else, you will get rid of the nightmares.

That is a soul tie. It is not because you refused to do what he wanted that day but there were some confessions between you and him, so go to a Pentecostal church and see a pastor to pray for you.