Thursday July 10 2014

I should have made my move

By Eugene Mugisha

I have two regular wingmen. But as of last Thursday, one of them is under indefinite suspension. I am not going to be deploying him for active duty for the foreseeable future, owing to his underhanded behaviour. This guy, in total violation of all rules, regulations and guidelines, did not look after my interests, but rather let his instincts take charge.

It has happened to all us who have had to play wingman for someone; this guy asks you to help him get things started with a girl he has eyes on, but along the way, that little voice inside you tells you to get the girl for yourself, after all you are also a man with a thing for beautiful women.

But you suppress that little voice, because you can’t betray your friend and you know for sure that he would do the same for you. This guy, however, instead chose to follow that little voice, and get the girl for himself. I was with him watching a match when I saw this girl approaching our table. I did not know her, but he did. She was a friend to a girl we both knew. She just wanted to say hi. Immediately after she left, I asked him about the girl. I should have excluded him from the loop, I didn’t even need a wingman. But, I had to know his stand first. With men, you never know his plans. He assured me she was just someone he knew and he had absolutely no interest in her now or in the future. Great! I told him I was interested, and he offered to get the ball rolling, forgive the pun. The next day, he told me the girl had agreed to meet up. I was thrilled. But a few hours later, he called and told me she had cancelled.

I was disappointed, but there is always another chance. I asked him if we could go watch a game together. He couldn’t make it. The next day, I asked him how far the ‘project’ had gone, but his answer was vague. So, I decided to go direct to the source. I set plan B in motion, called the other girl, her friend, and told her my intentions, and asked if there was anything she could do for a fool in love. She told me she would call me back in a few hours. When she called, I didn’t expect what she said.

Apparently, my ‘wingman’ had met with the girl the previous day, not for me, but for himself; he had fronted himself as the man in sudden love with her. The result was that the girl was confused because initially, he had told her it was me who wanted to see her. But when she showed up, he was alone, and his storyline had changed. That is the issue with double-crossing your friends; it makes everything hang, you both stand to lose.

So, I explained to this girl what the original plan was, and I asked her for her friend’s number so I could talk to her myself. But the first strike is always the lucky one. By the time I got to her, she thought we were up to games, and wanted nothing to do with me, or my buddy. When I asked him about this little saga, he tried to rub it off to chick craziness. He didn’t deny that he had met her the previous day. I wasn’t disappointed about the girl, (many fish in the sea), but with him, the dynamics had changed!