Thursday August 21 2014

I was bold to make a move

By Rachael Akao

People deal with break ups differently but a good number can relate to my style. We loathe the misery and self-pity so much that we begin to search for happiness outside. To avoid putting ourselves to bed with the tunes of Ed sheeran, we hit the club every night to be around people who will make you feel better about yourself. One of those nights came along and I headed out with my classmates. For some reason, every one ended up with a significant other to indulge for the night, except me. I found myself alone on the couch, sipping a Castle beer.

Being alone isn’t good for me, but it gives me time to drown in my inner sadness. I scanned the room for hope; two guys at the counter to choose from, because they seemed unattached too. One seemed a loner, while the other was chatting up the bartender (also male). The latter kept smiling, that side smile that gets many girls going wild. He was tall, (good thing) and thin (bad thing).

The loner, on the other hand, donned a cool leather jacket and from the width of his back, I could tell he had a masculine touch. I flipped the coin in my head and made it land on the loner. I headed right to my ‘destiny’. I didn’t need a pick-up line, the loner was delighted to have me buy him a drink, a bit taken aback (for obvious reasons), but delighted. The conversation went smooth, and somewhere between the hearty laughter and drinks, we headed to the dance floor where my friends were wasting away.

The fun went on for a while; the dancing and shots, until Mr Loner, whose name I am sure he mentioned, but the liquor had blurred my memory, bends to my ear and suggests we head to his place and finish what I had started. It must have been the way he said it, but he seemed under the impression that approaching him meant I was up for laying him as well.

Yet all I needed was company at that moment, not a bad decision. I was sane enough to politely decline, otherwise the miserable lowlife in me, armed with ample liquor, would have taken him up on his offer. It hit me the next morning, that since the practice of “us” picking up guys is still unheard of to many, Mr Loner might have been right to assume. I wonder how tall-skinny-hot-smile would have turned out.