Thursday July 10 2014

If you see love, give it a chance

By Rosie Amodoi

Early this week, I read a story on Daily Mail about a 50-something-year-old woman who had failed to find love after going on a dating spree, leading to a total 98 dates with different men in nine months.

Some of the dates were blind, recommended by friends and colleagues, and others were people she met on match making sites. She admitted to not having slept with all the men, and termed the whole dating process tedious and unnatural. Considering that this woman’s spree started after critics blamed her for never having “officially dated”, I wondered after such an experience, if it is possible to grow to love someone.

I am sure many of us have been in a situation where someone has made a pass but we do not feel the same way. Usually they are nice people, with most of the qualities you are probably looking for in a partner. They may be a friend, a friend’s friend, a brother’s friend, a family friend you grew up with or just someone you meet. There is nothing wrong with them, and you will recommend them for another person because you think they can make a perfect father, a good husband and an ideal spouse.

You, however, shun this person because you don’t feel the spark; you can’t picture kissing them, when they touch you, it’s a normal touch. But how about if we look at it this way; that the spark you crave may just be lust, that the more time we spend with someone, the more we get fond of them, that actions speak louder than words, that in the days of our fathers, a partner was imposed, that love is a gradual thing, and most of all, that if given a chance, love can grow - or can it? Read and find out.