Sunday February 16 2014

Insecure about female friends

By Uncle Joe

Dear Ron, Many iss ues lead to the insecurity of your wife. How do you conduct yourself before your female friends while with your wife? Sometimes as men, we compare our spouses with their counterparts. This alone can make your wife insecure.

Do you have boundaries between you and your female friends? How far do you go in making them feel very comfortable while with your wife? You sound like a sanguine, a wonderful personality that would make others feel valued, loved and happy. This personality could have been the one that attracted your wife to you. Unfortunately, it can be a source of conflict between you and your wife later. Because that is who you are.

You want to show love to every one in which case you may not be sensitive about the feelings of your spouse. Be sensitive while with your female friends. Remember your wife is very unique hence needs to be treated with special attention, respect, care and love. Shower her with some TLC ( tender loving care).

There are common mistakes that we make sometimes which can hurt the relationships. Please check out for any of these and address those that you might be a victim to. Taking one for granted, disrespect, not listening to your spouse, lack of sexual intimacy - which is a death knell for a marriage. Always having to be Mr Right, dishonesty, being annoying - this includes gross personal hygiene habits, always being late, or nitpicking everything your spouse does.

However, try to; Let her know that she is very special to you. Where you went wrong, apologise. You should create time to talk, be honest with each other. Work towards developing your personality individually. Be accountable to each other and sensitive Express and cope with anger in your relationship and develop your communication system. When you practice the above together you will enjoy your relationship and also build trust in each other, thus killing the insecurity.