Thursday July 31 2014

Is she still interested in me?

The problem
Dear Heart to Heart, I need your help. I have a girlfriend and we have been together for two years. However, for the last three months, things have not been going well. We no longer share a bed, and whenever I tell her to sleep with me, she says no. I think that she has met someone who is her tribe mate. I need advice. -Ben
Your solutions
You must have annoyed her. Talk to her, ask her, listen and apologise. You will not be quitting on all the women you annoy. How many shall you marry? It’s all about communication.
Akiiki Harriet

Just let her go
Caroline Nakakande.

She must be pregnant
Safi Safi.

Have you met her family? Why would she be sharing a bed with you? Have some respect and put a ring on it.
Ogechi Ohalee

First find someone else and then let her go
David Kityo

Ladies are like China phones every one year you have to change. So my brother, do not stress yourself, Just move on.
Kakiika Umar

I think you have rushed things especially bedroom issues before knowing each other too well. If you were already married, I would have said it’s too late but in your case, there is room to adjust by knowing each other better before you get married. Asking her would help too before making conclusions. She could have problems.
Bana Sly Mwansa

During your relationship, was it love or a lust?
Faizo Vinah Hearts

Sit down with her and discuss the issue.
Simon Peter Wamaobe

Give her time.
Mata Matah
Are u aware that women are many? So think twice Ben!
Suzana Atima

There might be something wrong but if there is none, I suggest that you first pretend not to care about her for some time and see her reaction.
Kyotamanyire Aloysious

First discuss with her.
Enyaku Daniel

What does tribe have to do with your problem?
Joseph Opio Igwe

Chuck her
Andrew Kirumira

Be patient and analyse her well, do not rush to decide on anything before getting the cause.
David Biyinzika

Let her go, she should not waste your time. She is already a gone case.
Nabayinda Fio
Two years is enough to know each other please leave. She is not serious.
Yikii Godfrey

Don’t you have anything better to do than sticking around someone who has lost feelings for you? Maybe it’s time to move on because things just don’t chnage for no reason.
Muwanguz Stephen

Give her time
Adopa Alex

Maybe that relationship was not in the purpose of God unto your life.
Gidudu George

How do you know she got a tribe mate? And if you love her, try talking to her, woo her, date her afresh and try to do those things that a guy does when they’ve just met a girl. And most importantly be PATIENT with her. Otherwise, wish you luck brother
Lubega Simon

Talk to her and clarify whatever is not clear. If it means ending the relationship, please do it.
Nata Sheebah

This is the beginning of the end in your relationship.
Moses Earthe

I think you should quit because she’s not interested in you anymore.
Ronnie Bernie

Give her time.
Yvonne Jack

That means it was never meant to be in the first place.
Princess Carol Otim

Stop breaking your own heart, if she wants to let her go, let her go.
Barca Rogers

You might have done something that annoyed her yet you are not aware. So she needs you to realise that you did her wrong, apologise then things go back to normal. I believe that she is not in any relationship though she is creating that impression so she can do something that will probably provoke you two into talking about what you did, that’s if you fail to realise where you messed up.
Wendy Kayinza

First give her time. She may be having some problems. So give it time.
Muwemba John

Next week’s problem
Dear Heart to Heart, I fell in love with my girlfriend almost a year ago now. I met her when we had gone for a friendly match at her campus. But ever since she accepted to love me, a lot has changed in my life and I feel she has taken control over my life. I think about her every minute and I feel her presence wherever I am and in whatever I am doing. Unfortunately, we are studying from different universities but we only meet once in a while for dinner. She refused to come to my home before she finishes her studies. She is now in her second year yet I am in my last year. I have tried to discuss my feelings with her but she has insisted on finishing her education first. However, my brothers and friends mock me that she put me in the “bottle” because I go by her decision. My colleagues, am I in real love or am I am running crazy or she confined me in a “bottle” as my friends say?