Thursday February 13 2014

It won’t be flowers and candy bars for everyone

A lady receives a bunch of roses at Rain Forest

A lady receives a bunch of roses at Rain Forest Lodge. PHOTO BY RACHEL MABALA 

“I hate people who buy me very stupid gifts on this day. I know you want to make me feel special but it does not mean you should buy me panties. I need flowers, natural flowers with that romantic scent”.

After that emotional outburst, you must be wondering: What do women really want? Well, that’s how Agnes Nabwire, a supermarket attendant, feels about Valentine’s Day. Like many women, she’s entitled to choosing her own gifts, right?
A couple of men must be scratching their heads right now about tomorrow, with intent to please the objects of their desire. For me though, I’m still brooding about this one girl – the kind of girls who just drive me nuts.

Don’t you hate people who spend months without communicating and only remember to show up on Valentine’s Day? So, this part-time thinker who I last saw three years ago sent me a message on Facebook, saying she missed me so much and “was thinking about me lately”. She also wanted me to be her Valentine [I guess she was joking].

Love is one strong emotion with the power to consume everyone. Nothing in this world is considered purer and greater than true love. In fact many romantics in history, like Romeo and Juliet have dedicated their entire “lives” to illustrate this. Valentine’s Day is that one day that has been cut out to celebrate and spread love.

The most asked and pondered over question is how most people will spend their Valentine’s Day. Everyone wants to spend the day in a special way because it is that one time of the year when you can get your loved one to give you their all.
Truth be told, love is something that can best be expressed than said.

Often we see so much hype going on among the uptown crowds about spending time spoiling their better halves with a sumptuous candle-lit dinner at a top restaurant, delivering a bunch of roses, or even getting out of town. But what really happens in the lives of the two different kinds of people.
Phillip Ariong, who preferred not to reveal the source of his income, says he will start the day by filling his room with red roses. He will then wake his partner up by showering her with rose flower petals. This, he says will set her in the mood of the day’s formalities.

“I will make her breakfast as well as make good morning calls to most of my close friends. It’ll be a way of showing my love for them (since the day is all about showing love). I will prepare lunch, and then we will watch a romantic movie,” Ariong says.

For Phiona Ayebare, a sales director at Awdisonic, she would rather keep her plans a surprise but hints that she is most likely to catch up on a nice movie after having lunch with her man.
“We will watch a movie and do some cuddling, since we shall have the afternoon to ourselves. No work that day. Later in the evening, I will spend it in his arms in our compound, watching the sun set over the horizon,” she says, with a face undoubtedly lost in thought and anxiously waiting for tomorrow.

So, it will roses, dinner and romance for the uptown folks, who often have wallets a little more heavier than your ordinary downtown person. But how about that Kisekka person, considering the excitement is often the same?
Samuel Akena, a security guard at KK security, says tomorrow will be a normal day for him.
“For me, there’s nothing to celebrate tomorrow. I’ll be working on the night shift and I will spend the rest of my day sleeping,” Akena says, adding that he has never considered Valentine ’s Day important.
Christopher Alakar, a cab driver, says he will take his partner to the beach.

“I will work half day, then take my wife to Lido Beach where we shall swim and have some beers,” Alakar says. He adds that he will buy her a rose from the streets, and then spray it with perfume before handing it to her.

Talking to Nabwire, she mentions that her frustration is from past experiences. She has lost hope in the lovey-dovey mood that comes with Valentine’s Day and reveals that she’ll actually sleep through tomorrow evening, since it will be an ordinary day to her.

So, does everyone deserve flowers tomorrow? The choice is surely on the receiving end. I personally wouldn’t mind any other gift besides flowers.

But if you are one lady looking for a perfect gift for your man tomorrow, you might want to consider shopping wisely.
A bunch of roses, candy and dinner will totally work for a woman but not a man. According to, most men prefer to receive something that is useful and efficient.
“Some websites recommend giving a man a gift certificate or tickets to a sports event or concert for Valentine’s Day.

While some men might welcome such a Valentine’s Day gift and consider it to be useful and efficient, other men might consider it to be a woman’s message for him to get out of the house more,” the website states.
Without further confusion for the ladies, let’s say it’s easier to get away with a bunch of roses and candy than a wrong cologne for your man.