Saturday May 31 2014

Ladies, stop looking for Mr Perfect. He does not exist

Patrick Kanyomozi is best-known as the show host of NTV’s Sports Bar. He is also the sports producer and a show host on KFM.

Patrick Kanyomozi is best-known as the show host of NTV’s Sports Bar. He is also the sports producer and a show host on KFM. photos by Rachel Mabala. 

By Esther Oluka

Are you a married man?
Yes, I’m a married man. Ours was a traditional wedding though, held on September 18, 2011. My beautiful wife is Rahmah Mbabazi Kanyomozi aka Lucky, a radio personality.

And where is the wedding band?
I was told that in Islam, it does not make sense to have a ring on the finger when one is traditionally married. Probably I will wear one after the church wedding, which we are planning to have someday. That ring is not what is important, but rather the commitment towards your partner. How many men cheat on their wives with their rings on?

Is Lucky okay with it?
Yes, because she trusts me.

So, are you Muslim, Patrick?
That is a complex question that would need a lot of time to explain but the bottom line is that I’m a God-fearing person who prays just like any believer.

What is the most wonderful part of being married for a man?
Spending time with my partner. It becomes even more exciting when the children come into the picture. I cannot think of anything more exciting than being home with my two-year-old daughter, Nyler Kanyomozi. She is such a lovely baby girl.

And the worst part of it?
The worst thing has been worrying about the time to get back home. I was used to watching football away from home and hanging out a lot with my friends. Now, I always have to explain to her where I am and why I will be late to avoid being questioned about my whereabouts later on when I get home.

A word to women who live with soccer fanatics as World Cup draws nearer?
A man who is a soccer fanatic is quite hard to change. Just understand and accept them.

Your take on Brenda Nabukenya, Luweero’s MP elect.
One, she is good looking. The little that I know about her is that she was once arrested with other colleagues after attempting to take a birthday cake to President Museveni. Overall though, I think she is a tough lady who will make a great female politician after having sailed through the recent tough Luweero campaigns.

Which politician do you admire the most?
This is a tough one for me since I rate most of our politicians at the same level. But I think the one who stands out for me, is the late South African President, Nelson Mandela and it is because of his great exemplary leadership skills.

What is your greatest weakness?
I am a shy guy and I have tried fighting it by being more talkative.

You tend to be friendlier to females than males.
The majority of my friends are indeed girls. The one thing that most people may not probably know is that my association with girls comes from the fact that I missed out on spending time with my only sister Harriet Kyomugisha because she was never around home. So, these girls are just like sisters to me.

How does your wife feel about you having many female friends?
Of course, she has asked me about some of these friendships especially those that have been written about in the tabloids, but I always endeavour to explain myself to her and she understands.

Any tips for single women on how to hook and keep a man?
Women do not always have to go out looking for men. When a man is interested in you, he will approach you. The problem only comes in when you are looking out for so many qualities in a man.

You have to live with the fact that there is no perfect man out there and if you are still searching for one, you may never settle down. Ladies, if you find that the man has either 60 or 70 per cent of what you want, give him a chance. Once you have him, give him some bit of freedom because men do not want to feel like they are being caged in a relationship. That is how you will keep your man.

Tit Bits
Family background: I was born in Masaka District on July 10, 1982 to Mr Stanley Buteera and the late Pelagia Kyenda Buteera. I have three older siblings, two brothers and a sister.

Schools you attended: I went to Masaka Baptism Primary School where I completed Primary Seven. For O-Level, I went to Masaka Secondary School before finally joining St Charles Lwanga for A-Level Kasasa. At Makerere University, I studied a Bachelor of Commerce and then a diploma in Journalism because I wanted to qualify for something that I already had a passion for.

A punishment in school you will never forget
I was flogged more than 10 strokes of the cane by a teacher for having stuck bubble gum on another pupil’s seat. The teacher ordered me to take off the five pairs of shorts I had put on in preparation for the punishment. I was in P.5 then.

The television character you simply love watching and why?
E! Fashion’s police critic Joan Alexander Molinsky, known by her stage name Joan Rivers. I find her comments on what other people are wearing very funny.

What do you do when you are either sad or depressed?
I tend to keep quiet and do not want to talk to anyone.

What puts you off in any woman?
Bad breath or body odour. I cannot tolerate one with either.