Thursday February 13 2014

Let Valentine’s Day be for those who deserve the love

By Kiiza Akiiki

The annual lovers’ day is here again. Bet a number of you are counting down the few remaining hours. Look around; the super markets, the roadsides, retail and gift shops and arcades, all you see is “valentine”.
People are busy scratching their heads, thinking of what to give their loved ones, trying to avoid giving what they gifted last year or years back.

Yes, it is Valentine’s Day or what many of you call lovers’ day out. It’s that time when the whole town is painted in red and black. And everyone looks forward to receiving a rose or bunch of flowers, artificial or natural. It doesn’t matter which, as long as they have received something.

But before I go any further, let me ask: Are women supposed to receive gifts only on Valentine’s Day? How about we receive love in equal measure on other days too?
I mean, you are with this woman everyday and you wait to express your love once a year? The stories of women being pampered by their men and those she watches in the movies will force her to look for another man who can provide and show her lasting happiness.

You want to know something about my dear Allan? I’ll tell you anyway. Ever since we met, he has never missed buying me gifts, taking me out or giving me the amount of love I desire. He doesn’t wait for such days.
Allan is the kind of person who calls when I am at work and asks where I would love to be in the evening. It is not that he is coercing me to love him more but he is doing the right thing. Every man needs to treat their spouse as an expensive delicate item, in that if it falls down and breaks, you will never get it back.

Men normally say there are so many women out there, but it’s a two-way situation. The fact is that real women are few. So when you get her, give her the special treatment that she desires.

It hurts to give someone your time and they instead give back to another. Put all the bad things you have put your partner through behind you. It’s not too late to start anew. Tomorrow, make a promise to her. Sit down and think about the beautiful things you can do for her. It doesn’t have to be a big thing.
There is a secret that most men underlook - it’s not the most expensive things that make a woman happy. It’s those little things that intrigue us to love and care more. Don’t think of taking her to Serena, Sheraton or any big hotel around town because you may not have that money at hand. There are nice places in or outside Kampala.

The I LOVE YOU song is common because even fakers use it, so when you say it this time, look into her eyes and mean it. Maybe surprise her with a ring.

You do not have to kneel, just tell her to close her eyes and put it on her finger, then throw another surprise, accompanied by a note with a sweet message to keep her heart racing.
Men, avoid the mistresses tomorrow, they don’t actually care, and all that’s on their mind is the money and something to brag to their friends about. Sex is not a big deal to them, that’s why you will be denied access when you fail to deliver to their expectations. Let’s keep the fire burning where it should be.