Thursday May 22 2014

Let’s ignore the human resource manual


By Mike Ssegawa

As a man who has made a career from reading people’s faces, let me tell you what I see from my well-positioned office seat.
Mine is an enviable job. I work with very beautiful ladies in their 20s, a couple of them in their 30s.

I can count one, two, six, 10, 19 ladies on my floor. They are smart; in looks and brains. It could be the same case in your organisation.

Have you heard stories of intelligent women scaring men away? I also hear that men fear very beautiful women! May be this double-edged sword of beauty and brains is what may be keeping them single.

But I have another feeling - Could it be a case of company policies stopping them from seeing the men or women they know so well? I mean, the ones they work with daily.

Guess what? A working person spends on average 10 hours with their workmates, seven hours sleeping, three hours doing other things like shopping, and only four hours with their family.

So, if marriage was about someone you know so well, which is the perfect hunting ground? Not church, because you spend about two hours a week there. Some people are different though – as the pastor says close your eyes, they are looking around for girls or men to hit on!

The people you should consider for a lasting relationship are not far from you. They are there at your work place. Thank God I am not in this bracket. But this is the situation:
After spending three or five years at university, this lady or man failed to hook a potential partner – because they were serious with books. After their courses, they again, did the right thing, and looked for jobs.

As they cemented their careers, they did not find time to expand their networks. On weekends, they are either visiting family members, catching up with old friends, watching TV, reading newspapers, books, or doing their laundry and cleaning their apartments in the gated Buziga, Kyanja, or whatever posh suburbs young corporates reside in.

They only know too well, the lady or man they see every morning - they share a lot in common. Their education and life aspirations are similar. And the money is not that bad.
So why not get a spouse from the bevy of single ladies or men at your workplace?

The reason is buried in a little document called the Human Resource Manual. Several organisations do not allow their employees to engage in intimate relationships, which may or may not, lead to marriage.

If it happens, one of the two is asked to leave the company, for the good of their working environment.
And my concern, Why do that?

I look at my hardworking workmates. They report to work as early as 8am - some even earlier, and leave after 8pm - so late.
When they wake up, they are thinking about the organisation’s targets for the year. They leave their desks late, thinking of unfinished work and where to start from the next day.

Guess what? With time, the beautiful ladies will be old and tired, unable to attract serious partners because they have lost their active life and vitality keeping the company on top. The same applies to the men, by the way.

Those who meet people they didn’t know well, have most probably separated. For ladies, some may be step mothers with responsibilities at home –stress just! All because they met the wrong person and probably left a good one in the office.

As their companies grow and shareholders smile to the bank, why would the foot soldiers be unhappy because there is no love for them?

That human resource manual forbidding such people from looking around them for a little pampering may be the biggest obstacle to the super employee’s life.

I think organisations should not come between employees who see a future in each other .

If you think the office receptionist can make you a good wife, go ahead and approach her.

I mean, there is nothing wrong with the library guy walking the marketing director down the aisle. Or is there?