Thursday May 8 2014

Like a thief, every cheater has 40 days

By Kiiza Akiiki

A few days ago, I watched a news clip on a local television station, of a man who caught his wife cheating. I felt sorry for him and just couldn’t imagine myself in his shoes.
He claimed to have been tipped off by the neighbours, who alleged to have seen her going out with another man.

The Baganda have a proverb: “enaku zo’mubbi ziba anna”, literally translated, a thief has only 40 days. This woman’s 40 days had literally run out. According to the story, Mama Cathie had claimed to be sick and could not prepare the children for school. But no sooner had the man left than the “sick” mother slipped out of her bed to meet her lover.

This woman is a house wife who gets everything she wants whenever she wants. She had a stress-free life, a life many women yearn for. So, why did she choose to cheat on her husband? And worst of all, with her husband’s employee?
Another case is that of a Hajj who dragged his beloved Hajat to Nabweru court for cheating and assault. It’s funny how the Hajj found the man smartly-dressed in his night wear, sitted on his bed, comfortably swinging his legs, meaning the man had spent the whole night enjoying Hajj’s woman. Poor man was returning from a trip abroad, but because he didn’t alert his wife that he was checking in that day, his sweet surprise turned sour when he received punches from his Hajat, with the help of the cheater.

He was seriously beaten and hospitalised after his bladder was affected. This woman had all it takes for a woman to be happy; children and money from the serious businesses her husband had established for her. She lived a good life!
Women are known to be the most patient human beings on earth. So what would really drive a woman to cheat on her partner? Could it be that these particular women were not getting enough sex from their husbands? But even though, why stoop so low as to disrespect your marital bed or get someone below your standards?

Isn’t there a way anybody can do without cheating? I mean, having a contented heart for once. The fact is that of all the cheating cases I have heard of, no man has ever continued with the woman, once caught. Reason, they can’t maintain you.

So that’s a double loss; your husband plus the side dish. It’s not only that but also respect and trust from your man and the community. Ladies, stop embarrassing yourselves. Men don’t really mean what they say; that side dish can never take you on because he is sure that you have been taken by another man, and your husband too can’t afford to keep you. Easy come, easy go…remember!

However, in my view, the reasons women cheat could include; curiosity, betrayal, lust, drunkenness, the list is endless. Ask yourself, why did she do it? What could be the impact if I am caught?
I know that men are naturally possessive. They are driven by pride and are very egoistic when it comes to the woman they love.
In this case when his woman decides to lay in bed with another man, his pride and ego are seriously hurt. That wound in their heart is a void that can’t be easily filled.