Thursday February 13 2014

Love is in the air

Raj and Malika

Raj and Malika 

Candles, red wine & balads
My most romantic Valentine’s Day was when I took the love of my life to Imperial Royale Hotel. We enjoyed a candle-lit dinner, sipped on red wine as we listened to soothing music in the background. It was so romantic and it is a day I will never forget.
Raj and Malika

we had a baby on valentine’s
My memorable Valentine was in 2011 when my wife gave birth to a baby boy at around mid-day in Kitovu Hospital, Masaka. We were so happy and she told me to get a name for our baby. I named him VALENTINO KAWEESA and he is the only son I have. This is the most valuable Valentine’s gift she gave me. I love her so much.
Moses and Aisha

we made the long distance count
It was in 2012 when I became friends with this lady on Facebook. I was abroad, so we often communicated on phone. During our chats, I realised she was a good person, so I asked her to be my love. We started a long distance relationship. When Valentine’s neared that year, I asked her how she would spend the day. She told me she had no plans since I was not around. Her plan was to just lock herself indoors. I felt sorry for my dear girl but I asked her to go out with her friends. I had a surprise for her though. I had asked my sister to get some flowers and a bottle of wine plus a nice perfume and send them through a courier company. She received the package towards the end of the day during one of her lectures. She was in shock and overjoyed. She was in tears when I called her later that day. I was happy that although I was away, my heart was together with her.
Grace and Mary

37 years and still counting
My wife and I have been together for 37 years and during this time, we have had countless romantic adventures. The most memorable, which has embedded nostalgic feelings was in 2011, a weekend following Valentine’s. We went to the Sese Islands - it was our first time to travel on water. We arrived at Lutoboka Landing Site after three hours and checked into our hotel, where the attendants waited. That weekend was like our honeymoon. We reinvented ourselves like teenagers. It was wonderful! If we are chosen, we hope to have a whole new experience that will rekindle our LOVE LIFE.
Peter and Prossy

He bathed me on my birthday
The most romantic experience I remember was when my boyfriend gave me an early morning bath on my birthday. As he washed me up, he played me a birthday song. Oh it felt really good to know that someone out there really cared about me.
Stella and Wyclife

Church is where we found love
I was attending a wedding ceremony at church and there was this lady seated opposite me. I do not like standing in church but this time, I stood whenever it was time to rise up, just so that I could stare at her. I think she enjoyed it too because she kept smiling back. At the wedding reception, I approached her and we talked and she kept asking why I couldn’t get my eyes off her. During our chat, the DJ played Just The Way You Are, so I asked her to dance with me, and that’s the moment I started to like her. We kissed. It was the best kiss ever. The next week, she sent me a text: “Hey this is Jessy.” I don’t know where she got my number but I literally jumped up and started dancing.
Amos and Miriam

my baby looked beyond my skin
I met the love of my life in December 2009 and I thank God everyday because my life has never been better. When I had just met him, I used to feel ugly because my skin wasn’t smooth. I felt so insecure but one day, he sat me on his laps and told me: “Baby, I don’t see anything wrong with your face. You are so beautiful and shouldn’t care about such stupid things because I see beyond this pretty face, I see your heart and character and that’s what matters.” He then kissed my face and hugged me. He made me feel so worthy and I have always felt beautiful since then. I feel like the luckiest woman on earth and there is nothing more I would want but to be everything he wants. He doesn’t know I entered this competition but I want to tell him: “Nsubuga James, I want you to know in front of the whole world that I love you and even if I don’t win, I just want you to feel as special as you always make me feel. HAPPY EARLY VALENTINE’s.
Hellen and James