Thursday July 17 2014

Men, bambi try to be a little realistic

By Kiiza Akiiki

They say when it comes to love, anything is possible. And I can’t deny this because I have personally observed it. Years ago when Allan and I decided to join funds, I realised that we could actually develop faster with the initiative. I still believe I didn’t make a wrong decision, because I knew for sure that I could trust this man with my finances. God bless him!

Away from my man and I, what do you think would push a woman to team up with her man? Only one thing, trust!

But just imagine how bad things can turn out when a man betrays a woman’s trust. Last week, I overheard an argument in the neighbourhood. The woman was accusing her man-friend, husband or whatever, of betraying her.

Apparently they had joined funds to set up a certain business, but the woman had more shares. After four years they decided to open up a branch, and instead the man handed over the business to his sisters, who denied the woman access to the premises. Unbelievable!

The woman seemed confused about what to do. She was torn between separating the entities, and reporting him to the police. But he was the father of her two-year-old son.

Many people who heard the story accused her of having married a conman. Some said what he did was expected, since he was with the woman because of her money afterall.
I have always wondered why people fail to open up in relationships. I mean, what trouble is it if you revealed your true colours in the initial stages of a relationship?

I would prefer someone who comes to me boldly, but leaves the ball in my hands, rather than someone who shoots for me, because I might end up losing the game.

On several occasions, I have found myself watching a lonely hearts programme on one of the local TV stations, and I see many young men openly seeking to meet a rich women who can offer them “a good life”.

There was this particular 25-year-old fellow looking for “a well-established woman aged between 40 and 60 for love. I am unemployed and broke so she should be ready to start up a business for me”. Sincerely, how would you expect this young man to help you, apart from ruling your life with your money?

Simple advice to men: If you know that you won’t be with this woman for life, please kindly don’t waste her time faking feelings. Only traitors do that. Okay, I understand not all men are capable of this, but for those seeking financially stable women to exploit, rethink your move.

Be yourselves, stop faking love and breaking hearts. Now if you are one of those culprits, think about the number of people whose hearts you have broken and figure out how to compensate them. No debate about that.